Mistakes in NTS common wealth scholarship test 2009

By Syed Hasnain

It is indeed a regret to say that the standard of NTS has fallen down to the worse. In the ‘Blue Book’ which I took in Common Wealth Scholarship 2009, there were questions wrongly written in the book, and many choices given were no less than blunders, especially in Analytical portion.

For instance the reprinting of same choice more than once in the same question, and in another question, all choices negated the fundamental clause of arguments, thus making the whole question unanswerable.

These instances completely defy the credibility of NTS. If possible, they should award full marks for all wrongly placed questions/choices in the exam sheet.

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  1. And still no reply on this complaint from NTS neither from ministry of education…. can we apply in ISO to recheck their Certificate????????

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