More Grass For One

Last week TIP’s ex-President Irfan Hussain came to visit after some many months. The most noticeable change around campus, he said, ‘More grass for one. After covering the distance to the campus it is appealing to the eyes. I see some new construction and of course there’s the newly set up apparel lab. I feel that these are positive steps towards further establishment of TIP.’

Quack!: What were some of the challenges you came across as president of TIP?

I.H: Initially we had to tackle with the IT-bubble that prevented students from joining any institutes other than those that offered computer related courses. However, all that has changed now and I feel that there has been an intake of very bright and talented individuals in recent years.

Quack!: What were the reasons behind your resignation?

I.H: I feel that change is important for diversification and progress of an institute and five years is a long time for a single person to run an institution. There were also some personal reasons that contributed towards my decision to leave. I was facing problems moving back and forth between the U.K and Pakistan so I decided to settle down at one place.

Quack!: Any goals that you had in mind and weren’t able to achieve.

I.H: My dream was to set up a separate department for social sciences which wasn’t possible at that time.

Quack! What do you feel about the master’s program at TIP?

I.H: This is a positive step but, personally, I feel that the program should be here at the Bin Qasim Campus. As that would prompt positive interaction amongst the students and result in better availability of the labs and equipment to the M. Sc students. Unfortunately this isn’t an option since most of them are working while they pursue further education.

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