Mister Ragging, Rest in peace

Finally, we all heard the strict orders from the Big B; “RAGGING IS OFFICIALLY BANNED IN TIP(full stop)”. The very similar decision was also made last year but ragging was allowed in case if any of the freshmen themselves wanted to be ragged. Thanks to our beloved President, and Academic coordinator for implicating such an ‘Important’ rule and for keeping the honor, respect and confidence of newcomers in a safe place.

When I was a newcomer, I used to be filled with joy, excitement, confidence and was motivated enough to perform well both in my studies and extra curricular activities. The day I joined TIP, all of my emotions scattered in the wink of an eye. The way I and all the first years were treated was indescribable. Instead of welcoming us with smiling faces, we were grabbed and treated like a piece fresh meat. From collecting money to kissing the pole, we were forced to do every dirty little thing possible . It took us a whole semester to come back to our normal positions. In fact, I can still feel the pain given by my seniors.

Some so called ‘broad minded’ people often call this ragging stuff the best way to socialize and to make new acquaintances. Hey, What kind of socializing is this? Undressing a junior, grabbing all their money and threatening them to perform obscenities, in case the seniors perverted demands were not satisfied. There could have been many other ways to socialize. For example, you can arrange a function in the auditorium to introduce all the freshies one by one, or simply sit with them and let them introduce themselves.

We all have heard the quotation that, ‘first impression is the last impression’, and for juniors, unfortunately, the first impression given by their seniors is not appropriate. Ragging to me is the most pathetic and humiliating way to treat newcomers. Again the reason given is, “some juniors don’t bother to be ragged!” Excuse me! No body actually likes ragging except the seniors. It may be a good way of socializing but it is also a fact that ragging leaves a strong impact on the human mind. What I have seen is that it is an ongoing and continuous thing. The humiliation faced by the newcomers is simply vented out onto the next years batch in form of frustration. I completely condemn this ragging theme or, in worst case, if it is allowed, it should be in limits of nobleness. I am hopeful that the decision made by our faculty members will gradually ends this ‘tradition’ of ragging in TIP.

Note:- All of the above statements are my personal comments and they did not mean to criticize or point anyone. You have the complete right to disagree with me.

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  1. i think your 100% right, ragging is one of the most idiotic things seniors like doing, once i remember that me and a friend of mine were announced to be ragged next because we stood out of our batch the most, so they were like spreading rumors and stuff that they would do stuff to us and god knows what and trying to scare us, my friend got so scared that one day he stayed in the washroom till all the seniors had left the campus… lols that was very lame really to get to someones head like that is one of the most sickest things ever.

  2. just some friendly advice… that little wannabe disclaimer in the end wasnt all that necessary…

    coming to the article…. yea… i too was often given the same explanation that seniors merely rag their juniors to get to know em better… to befreind em…
    beta… how the **** do u expect to befriend someone jab pehle din se hi uske dushamn ban jao ge…!

  3. i really miss the days when i was ragged! it mad me the part of the whole soule environment!it was fun to be with people with incredible sense of humour n the joy! yes the joy u wud regret if u miss this chance of being rageed! dun hide ur bump behind the shelves in library but enjoy this high time to utmost!

  4. i totally agree wid you….coz of this ragging thing…the very first day of my college went pathetic..and it resulted into two guys being suspended…then why is it still happening…

  5. actually i was ragged for 2 whole years. and it sucked. i don’t ever want to get to know the people who made my life hell those years. there have got to be better ways to get to know ones juniors.

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