(n-1) No More

The end of the (n-1) rule spread a situation of gloom amongst the students of TIP. (n-1) is that for if n-number of tests have been taken for a course, the worst test (the -1) for each student will be discarded. This system was used to ease the pressure on faculty. If a student missed an exam, the instructor would not have to re-test him even is the student’s reasons are very good, as the -1 safety factor is present. The (n-1) rule is apparently being utilized in all the prestigious college and universities in Karachi.

Earlier this semester, a petition was signed by almost every Tipian to bring back the (n-1) rule. This petition was rejected by President Shakel Ahmed with the comment “Pls Regret.”

Students, especially the senior years, are afraid the abolishment of the (n-1) rule will bring down their already low grades. Students on probation are really feeling the pressure, and the first hourlies this semester did not help bring up their confidence.

Tipians are looking desperately trying to convince the management to give some help so they can secure good grades in this semester, but with the President’s rejection of their petition, their only hope lies in studying harder!

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  1. i strongly agree with you waqas. Atleast it shouldnt have been done with the senior students who have gone through the experience of n-1.I am not saying that this rule should be implicated on the 1st yrs and not the seniors but still.

  2. it’s tough going in TIP after no n-1 rule.the teachers should take some action against it.no one is listening us . my suggestion is that if they don’t implement n-1 then there should be some choice in the hourlies question paper . so far there were no choices in the hourlies

  3. personally i am in favour of the rule …..lekin i think that the management won`t be changing the rule no matter how hard we try

  4. Its all about woorying for your GPA’s….especially students on probation will suffer aloT…..apart of it freshmen were fasinated to hear abt this sys when they rushed towards the CITY campuss for their admisiion forms….but was it a merrage….May bE….toooooooooonT

  5. Salam:

    I am texpert from the 2000 batch, currently studying Masters Program in Case Western Reserve University, USA. I have seen lot of foreign universities, as far as my knowledge is concerned I never saw (n-1) rule. Here universities are judged by educational standard and research quality. TIP must maintain high educational standard. TIP should be in competition with the best universities in the world, like NCSU, MIT, UMIST, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology. Ranking is very multi-dimensional.

    If you have any questions please let me know

  6. **** I was really astonished to hear about the N-1 rule which really crushed our feelings as thoughwe were informed about this rule, but its now deleted. So now its the time to work hard cuz its really hurts.**********

  7. Well N-1 was good for the students. but we r not fimiliar with the rule , now i think we also need this rule to be implemented . coz we r having a lot of problems in academics

  8. we the freshman need the rule of N-1 , so I knidly request the authorities to implement this rule again from da next semester .

  9. there shoudl be n-1 …. i think its very much justified , why dont u plp talk this matter with the faculty …. u got a reason naaa … i think u pplp shoudl try for it

  10. we alredy tried our level best to agian bring n-1, but useless. though most of the instructor are in the favor of ths rule, but in mr Shakeel Ahmed`s opinion, by ths rule, student put there 1/3rd of there course in stake.
    He is not wrong either!!!.

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