Naat Competition’10

By Rizwan Fareed, TS3

Religious society of Textile institute of Pakistan dedicated to propagation of religious thoughts and promotion of Prophetic love, organized a grand naat competition first time in the history of institute, the venue for this event was auditorium. Mr. Qamar zaidi and Mr. Syed usman were the judges of this event. The proceeding of the Naat competition got under way with recitation from Sarim Mehmood himself who is the President of Textile institute religious society. All the top ten students who were selected paid homage to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the form of Naat, which cast a spell on the atmosphere of the auditorium and audience deeply felt its spiritual effect. After the naat competition both the judges came on stage and expressed their views on the competition they admired all the participants Mr. Syed Usman delivered himself a beautiful naat, after that results of competition were announced judging on the criteria which was quality of voice and delivery of words Sajjad Mehdi of TS-4 was declared first, Danya Jamil of TMM-1 secured 2nd position and Rijah Saarah of AMM-3 got 3rd position, after congratulating these participants, Judges praised the efforts of Rizwan Bhatti and Taayab waqar who managed this event successfully and made it possible.