Need AB+ Blood Group Donater

Another case of Dengue fever…

Our Friend Daniel’s Cousin Is in Last Stage of Dengue Fewer. He Is Admitted In Aga Khan Hospital And Currently He Is In A Critical Condition Therefore, He Needs Ab+ Blood So, Anyone Who Is Interested In Saving Some One’s Life Please Contact Daniel Of Ts2a His Contact No Is 03322273543. Let Me Mind You Its A Matter Of Life And Death So, Even If Your Blood Is Not Ab+ Blood Then Please Search For It Ask Your Friends, Family Members Anyone But, Try Your Level Best To Acquire It As Soon As Possible.

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  1. yes furhan sorry i m late, the update is that now any one of any blood group can give blood to daniel cousin but, the condition is that there should be at least 10 people so that there blood group could be equavalent to AB+.

    but currently his condition is normal. on saturday his vital science was about 12000 so they give him another blood whoes donner was from his own family not from tip which i believe is a shame on any one who is now interested in giving blood any time when you are asked please give your no and name to daniel so that he can call you people up when another pack of blood is required.we have 7 people on our list we are in need of 3 more so people please help us out over here its the matter of some one’s life and death

    on the other hand people who are not interested in giving their blood to some one then in that case i would request that person to at least pray for him when ever you offer namaz ask your mosque moulwesahab to conduct a special anouncement for him so that every one could pray for his recovery then i believe he will definatly recover.for prayer has it all which money doenst.

  2. Asslam-a-Alaikum to everyone!

    First of all thanks to everyone for supporting in very critical condition. Now he is ok and his body starts recovery by itself. Again i would like to thank everyone who supports, and encourages me.

    Danyal Siddiqui

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