Need for a Mosque

T.I.P was established in 1994 (correct me if I’m wrong). It was a small institute inside a bungalow (like the city office). Then in 1998 we shifted to the new campus (here at Ghaghar Phatak). The construction was not complete by this time. And only important buildings were constructed. Important buildings included the main building, cafeteria and hostels, but not a mosque.

Often when construction of some project or industry starts, the first block laid down is of a mosque. But on the contrary, mosque was given least preference. Isn’t it strange that there is no mosque in T.I.P when there is strength of 300 Muslim students? Every time for prayers the students have to run sometimes to the processing lab, sometimes to the spinning lab, sometimes to the cafeteria and sometimes to the hostels.

President T.I.P should look into this matter seriously and get the mosque constructed as soon as possible. Also the President TISF Mr. Abdul Saboor should reach out for sponsors and I know that he is very much capable of doing this. I’ll also try to find one.

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  1. every where whether its an apartment or project there must be a mosque there must be a (JAMAY MASJID) and therefore its just not good for the place where the mosque is and its has a positive effect on the surroundings.TIP really need a mosque as massive empty place exsists and its unused so why not built a n beautiful mosque over there, to have a university with all facilities.

  2. There are alot of things happening in this regard. Give me a day’s time and every tipian will have an update info of the status of this project.

    For now, TISF has already approached the TIP board members and a meeting was held with one of the board member on Sat 15th Nov 03.

  3. Really . u r very much right Mazhar . TIP is n a disperate need of mosque , all the students and specially the hostilites faced a lot of problems when they run after the mosque which is always shifted from one place to another . The higher authorities must have a deep look in the matter regarding mosque formation , enabling all the tipians to offer thier prayers in a rather wat u can say a comfartable enviroment .

  4. Saboor bhai ! U know we all are very much fimiliar with the act of meetings , meetings are held all over the world for settling problems , but it is rather very irony that in OUR COUNTRY , meeting are held for just passing the time , I ll really admire ur role if u if u have some hopes for the said work and u inform us for those hope ( which I think is very hard ) . But i ll also say that things are very much change in TIP as compare to anywhere else . I am hopefull that TISF will put thier concentrations towards this matter .

  5. I think A mosque is the first hand need of any place in a muslim country . TIP premsis are very much wider and broder. I think In 5 , 6 years TIP will emerge as a leading institute of Pakistan , Inshallah there will be shortage of class rooms and TIP will face problems in Accomadting a lot of students in the coming years . But when people will come to know , that there is no mosque , then it will convey an adverse and bad effect on people .

  6. yes mazhar i agree with…but saboor listen one thing…our presient shakeel sahab cant do everything…i mean u can do easily beacuse you are living in hadeed so it might be easy for u to accomodate a place of mosque for us..m i rite brother..we are really suffering…

  7. very true… yous people should know tht TISF is trying hard for the mosque n irfan baloch along with hamza is striving hard for the raised topic since this semester has started…may Allah help them.

  8. carlos have u been reading the comments on the article tht is below this article…i guess u havnt…u better read it n try being litterate…no matter how the person is…either he offers namaz or not u have no right to evaluate how the person is it is all up to Allah…he raised a voice for a noble cause and u should appritiate tht…the bottom line is v know who u r n this is the last call for u…try being civilized

  9. in my first year when me and my batch mates use to recite the Jumma prayer, which was usually the only prayer i use to recite, we always were running here and there and unfortunate to fine any such place where we could tell GOD that yes we are still Muslims so HE won’t mistakingly put our name in the list of all those persons going to the Big Boiler as they say.

    The need of a mosque was there fromn the first year and i feel really dissapointed that even our TISF or our administration could spend a lot of money in arranging dance parties and trips but they could not even start collecting donations or offer any thing, which would really help the students and they could find a place from where don’t have to shifted every time the management decides to rebuild or add some thing to our lovely campus.

    I’m don’t recite namaz that often and usually i only get my chance to meet the maulana when i usaully went for my Firday prayers but like others the need for Mosque in TIP was always had its own importance to us. i feel ashamed and pretty dissapointed in my self and i didn’t do any thing about it not asked my collegues.

    Mr. Rahil anwar, Mr Ashfaq and Mian saquib from our batch tried to start sort a campaign so that the administration can do some thing on this issue but it never made any effect on any one.

    Even the way TIPians recite their Jumma prayers are some what not correct and many students did protested from our batch as well from others bathces as well but i guess the management is too busy in some thing else than to take issue in hand.

    Only one of the faculty member who i must say has always been a beacon of light for us was Mr. Hafiz ur Rehman who often raised this issue but i guess even than nothing was done.

    It’s high time that the TISF would do some thing about it. If they can’t donate than they can start collecting money from all those students who come and pray in the mosque on Friday and little bny little we would have some thing to start with.

  10. TIP actually was shifted and started operating in the present campus from Feb 01, 1999. So 🙂 its a minor correction. When I look around, I hardly see Muslims anywhere, there might be a couple of those but thinks me that 300 Muslims may be an exaggeration of the real number. There are a few Muslim boys and one or two Muslim girls. Muslim faculty members are already extinct and the staff, choro yaar….

  11. Owais is a former GS i wud always regret that did not do any thing in constructing a mosque..except for one detailed discussion with shakel sb in which rahil saquib and ashfaq were present too..that discussion dint bear fruit..and the days passed with us passing out..two things i’ll regret a GS..dint do any thing for the mosque..and even i promised..cudnt raise up a gymnesium..and i beg opology for that

  12. Good issue you raises Mazher and you should hv done this before Maji.thast a very important issue you know to disscuss on this discussing site of T.I.P..we should hv a mosque in T.I.P. so that we can recit the Eid Prayer on Eid day.and it should be done or i will hv a Bhook Hartal

  13. i have already told someone tht we had been financed by Razzak Talee for the mosque so would anybody ask him again or soemone form faculty can do for u plp

  14. Aslamoalaikum

    Yar I was really extremely shocked to know that we still don’t able to build the basic structure for mosque in the last 3 years (I graduated in 2000). Let me share you with thing, in 1970s there were only less than 200 muslim students at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), USA, they started very excellent movement in less than year they built a very beautiful mosque on campus. City mayor and CWRU administration also took part. Remember one thing USA is not muslim country.

    Right now on-campus we have the same mosque and two small halls for prayers in administration building. One for brothers and other one is for sisters.

    Tipian, Texperts you have to believe in yourself. Learn power of belief. For administration, you have to give at least some respect to word Pakistan which is coming with your institution name.

    Aggay aqalmand kay liay zara sa ishara hi kafi hota hai.

    If you need any help please count me in.

    With best wishes,
    Hammad Mohsin

  15. Aslamoalaikum

    sir we are poor people in bangladesh. we need some address mosque doner. please send some address in my e-mail & help us .
    md jashim uddin.

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