Need of Tolerance for the Beginners

We as a nation are less tolerant and less accepting in terms of encouraging and supporting the newcomers. Be it a bank, textile industry, multinational, government office, labor workplace, taxi drivers forum or any thing else close to our society; we mostly show a rude and disruptive behavior towards our juniors.

The concept came to my mind few days ago when I went to a documentation shop for some important work. I was out of time and like every customer, was eager to let my work completed as soon as possible. In that tense state of mind (that is what we usually have), I asked the shop owner to get my work done in the least amount of time. That person gave me a sweet smile and pointed towards all of his boys busy in all the computers. I was out of my nerves when eventually a young boy asked offered to do my work. Since time was less, I agreed and handed him my notes for documentation and then that boy started doing the work.

Time passed and I just keep wondering how much time this boy will take in typing a 15 minutes document. I was in deep critical situation as time was running out and I had many other things to do in my schedule. Actually that boy was a ‘learner’ and was new at the shop. Then this thought came to my mind that if I give him some more time, probably he can learn a lot. A little bit of words or complains from me can get my work done but what about the boy who is here to learn and thus requires time and tolerance from people to know the work.

Our Textile industry has been treated the very same way. The ‘saith’ culture has been structured such that it allows no or less space for juniors to stay there and learn some techniques calmly. On a broader perspective, many other industries and organizations follow the same pattern by immediately firing out the people form their post without giving them required amount of time to flourish and know the basics.

The point is not so simple rather it is much complex one. In this highly competitive era where everyone is running towards money and materialistic rewards, we have forgotten the basics how to teach and how to make others learn. Unfortunately, we always expect others to do our work in the least amount of time but rarely support the newcomers to let them lock their horns in their respective fields. Just as even my minute criticism could have tarnished the ‘self esteem’ and ‘confidence’ of that new kid, we all in our respective areas always expect mechanics, plumbers, electricians, managers, laborers, engineers, lawyers and even prime ministers to be efficient, and seldom put hands for new people rather ‘burn’ them with our words and complains. With the increasing work demands and competitiveness among the individuals, our behavior towards our new chaps has also become rude, however it must be understood that it is very necessary and critical to support them if we like to see our selves one of the greatest and aspiring nations of the world.

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  1. how many internships have you done rameez that you consider yourself authority to comment on saiths. How many saiths have you personally met. The saith culture is not like what you think it is.

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