New City Campus Inaugrated

Arif Hasan, Vice Chanceller of TIP, inaugrated the new city campus on Saturday, September 6, 2003. The new campus is a purpose-built in the style of TIP’s main campus. It will soon host evening classes for the new “Masters of Science in Textile Chemistry”: program.

Update: Dew Drops in an anonymous comment sent the address:

10 F, Block 6
Phone: 4380467-9

Photo Credits: Adil Mosajee

11 Replies to “New City Campus Inaugrated”

  1. hye guys…. a raged new fresh men here…waiting for another ragging eVEnt hope taking place hope fully on friday….guys bet it,it would be DIL CHAHTA HAI on the screen this time ……paparaZi ..u kno;)

  2. hello tipian and texperts

    its the matter of great pleasure for every body for all the tipains

    now we are entering in the master programme but still only ristericted to MSc in dyeing and hope soon MSc programmes in other disciplines would start

    it is a great achievement for the TIP management the within a short period of only ten years it is able to start MSc programme after succeffull lunching of graduation programme in various disciplines

    i congratulate all the management of TIP on this great achinevemnt and also the TIPians
    raghib ali khan

  3. it was R3aLLy a reAl hunGAma at the stAirs of ouR FAvo Audotorium….hanGAma roX:)as Being a fresh men i was Stuuned to see such a Huge turn ouT…Kair soooRy pals …i GueSsed it WAsnt Dil CahTA hAi…buT hanGama waSnT bAd eNOugH…WASIe MEra to GALLA hi BEth GAya Hai Cheek cheeek Kay …hope Will mEEt Sooon AgaIn…Ali kazMe TS-1A

  4. ya abid ….me “JUST” alive …can u imagine doin’ wokr form 9 in morin’ till 10 ,11 or even till 1 in morin’…….pray for me guys 🙁 !!!!

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