No Rock n Roll in Student Centre

Last week some students along with Sajjad Gheewala (Marketing Lecturer) desperately tried to get a music system for the cafeteria. After numerous trips to Saddar and Jackson Market, and even one trip to Sher Shah!, the most cost effective system was decided upon; 10 speakers and 2 subwoofers coupled with twin amplifiers to provide a long-term surround sound solution in the cafeteria, all within Rs. 15,000.

The idea was shot down by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, our President, on the grounds that:

* It will cause conflicts between students, some listen to Punjabi, some to Rock, and others to Junaid Jamshed. Whatever will happen when all these groups want to play their own music?!

* The caterers in charge of our cafeteria are responsible for such ‘accessories’.
To the first point I can safely assume that all of us are adults and can behave like adults (when we want to!). I’m sure we won’t have any differences in letting outher play their choice of music, especially when each student would have contributed to the sound system. And to the second point is that our caterers should try to learn to cook proper food and then think about the other things.

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  1. i thinK Mr.P shud leav this matter on senior students and an involved teacher….it makes no sense that this sterio sys would be and apple of discard……after all we all are grown upssssss

  2. Well the main idea is wrong of bringing a system for 15000 PKrs. Just a list of song should be decided for a day. Those songs would be a mixture of all the music overs choice and then its ur choice its ageneral idea.

  3. I have come to this discussion web site after a very long time and to still find the President invloved in music system related problems than academic issues is a treat to watch.
    Every passing year we are facing tough challenges as graduates to be part of a competitive market who excel at what they do! TOday, Textile Institute is standing at a point where the President along with its faculty and administrators is only proud of adamant upon increasing the presence of students. What TIP is missing is not the population of students but the process of acquiring knowledge. I hope some day all of us realize that and take better decisions in the right direction.
    As always I offer all the help anybody needs.
    I hope the current students will think about this and take up this matter and do a better job.

  4. no way .. there shudnt be any stereo system .. I STEONGLY against stereo system .. we are here for studies not for some bloody nach ganaaa …

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