Nothing Has Happened

I must say I’m overjoyed to post the following article as it is contributed by a first year student. And all I had to do was ask her once. Now how often does that happen? From a sarcasm point of view, its’s brilliant! Enjoy the work of Meera Moiz Khan of AMM – 1B.

It has been almost than 3 weeks since TIP inaugurated this new semester and-well- nothing monumental has happened here. Now let me be clear: when I say nothing “monumental” has happened it doesn’t mean that TIP did nothing in these starting weeks.

Next, there was this totally awesome guest speaker session which did left us entranced…

We all sat and gawked at the Arrahman Arrahim speakers.  The second guest did make me a little sleepy but Mr. Najam Shiraz perked me up. The major plus point was the student participation, it is so good to see that TIP at the end of the day is a unit. Even if we bitch and gossip about each other at every minute of the day at the end of it we come out as a unit. We come out as TIP-ians!!To see it, feel it and know it is a pleasure which leaves me astounded.

At the end of the second week was the infamous Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter one bit that we don’t know the actual history of it; we just want to celebrate St. Eric’s work. Let me be clear: I am a freshman so Valentine’s Day at TIP was like a child in a zoo. I “Noticed”. It turned out to be a jailbait.

I –frankly- was expecting some kind of celebration as love is in every frigging part of TIP. And there was- not the one I was hoping for.

Let us change the topic of this contribution to “My Account on Valentine in TIP”

Sadly there was only one group celebrating. Why is it sad?! Because the celebration needed – much needed, I must say- variety. The people vigorously celebrating the day held court in cafeteria and, man, did they not just bring the cafeteria to life!?!

No they didn’t!

There were balloons, buntings, corsages and, of course, roses. The display was actually very comical, the buntings were hanging from the wings of fans in a wind chime way, dangling on the faces of those who sat below them, and just one, a single- misguided and red- balloon was taped on the hub of those fans. Whoever thought of that: Sir/ Madam, Oscar Wilde should himself rise from the grave to award you an Oscar for the worst possible decoration ever thought and acted on in history. Everybody should have seen when the fans were switched on… Other puffed up balloons catered the windows and floor. Some good guys came and popped them. Thank you, sir.

The music-not familiar with the works of “Yo Yo Honey Singh” cannot be commented on. However the group hosting the event should be. It was more like a group photograph session. I dance, photo please. I sing; photo please.  She is my friend; photo please. I hold balloon*my goodness!!*; photo please. I have a rose; photo photo. We all know each other; bulk-frigging-load of photos.

Now, I know people will criticize that I, myself didn’t participate so I have no right to judge people who were doing so. In answer: nobody asked me. It was a single unit celebration held in a public place. It said; you may gawk but you cannot join. And as I mentioned above that TIP is beautiful as a unit so why not invite all. Why not do something that singles nobody out?! Why not invite teachers?!
If anybody really wanted to celebrate Valentines; instead of having a photo session there could have been a small food tray setup. Valentine food for students; chocolate coated fruits or chocolate or just fruit maybe candies. I know this for a fact that if any-I mean ANY- teacher had been invited the stories coming out of them would have been more shocking then the threat of Osama bin Laden being alive; they are that interesting.

Why weren’t there more people?! Why the people were one kind of people?!

Many people may also ask me why I didn’t speak up at that point. It is because I am a bad person and want to backbite.

Moving on, what I liked was the dance. You can just dance! Guys coming up from everywhere started dancing randomly! I mean who does that?! TIP-ians *that’s who!!* Whoever danced, Sir/Madam a 21 whistle salute for you!!  It was fun to watch!!

Valentine in TIP turned out to be me slumming in café boot.

So there is that, when I said “nothing monumental”  I meant nothing occurred which at one point didn’t leave me sleepy or bored or wished myself be wacked off with a flogger or made me want to carve my eyes out. But hope is the reason we are living in Pakistan and coming to TIP. There are things in bucket, first thing: the concert which many people are not attending*why are you so cruel?!* So let us hope to see TIP in all its glory once again.


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  1. Seriously. … Its one hell of a post….i mean, i really have no words.. Thumbs up 😀 …. A very enjoyble yet thoughtful piece of critic. GREAT WORK. …

  2. Good piece of writing…. I just want to assure her that babes it’s just the beginning…agay agay dekhayn hot aaa hai kiyaaaa …. :p

  3. meera ,welcome to tip ! .TIP is just TIP and we are the ones who can bring about a change right ?:P enjoyed reading your work 🙂

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