Oh, What a Basant!

Friday, 4th February. The designers did it again! Against all odds they fought and they scratched and they kicked and they managed to organize the greatest Basant Festival at TIP this year!

The sky was full of kites and guddi’s, and jubilant screams of ‘bo kata’ filled the air. Well, dream on kiddo, this ain’t no Lahore. And this ain’t no Karachi either. Our Basant at TIP is more grounded to the tunes of some crazy naach gaana.

And what a naach gaana it was! What a spectacular way to start the semester!

One Reply to “Oh, What a Basant!”

  1. oooh was it??? really??? how amazing…welll the basant that abid has pictured over here is by no means the 1 that every1 witnessed…hey abid ,were u present over there??noo dont get embaressed brother i am not embarrassin u…but stop being blABBER.MOUTH… but as i was there….so i am when i say that “it was fun”..the galss were surely in some diva form (although the credit goes to the make up),plz dont take my commments personal..but if u do then the fault is in u….

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