Oi Freshmen!

After Mr. Bandukda’s speech, I guess there really isn’t much to say. Ragging is officially banned and the freshmen can now walk the halls of TIP in peace, or so they think. The first years have the good (or bad; depending on the impression they make on people) luck to be ALWAYS in the limelight, at least for the 8 months or so that they remain first years.

So, you can look forward to it, or dread it. Depending, like I said, on the impression you make. Whatever you do though, you can’t hide from the people of TIP. In a community of only 400 or so, how can you expect to be left alone? And even if you manage that, by the end you’ll probably wish you’d been more social. It takes one hell of a strong person to end up being an island (“no man is an island”).

And talking of islands, trust me; TIP is the closest to a secluded island you can get. Unless you like taking the Thatta express, or have a passion for walking 40 kilometers, you can’t leave early. Why not make the best of the day you have here? Socialize!

I can understand it’s tough. We’ve been first years too, so whatever you’ve gone through, so have almost all your seniors, and yes, we’ve lived. Girls really shouldn’t complain because what they go through isn’t ragging. Being interviewed or asked to sing a song isn’t demeaning or humiliating. We’re having fun, and honest to goodness, we’d really like to know you (especially when you’re cute). If you let us, that is. Walking away, or saying “whatever!” and “get a life!” won’t endear you to the people of TIP. And unless you’re dying to have a humiliating nickname, or be labeled a crybaby or a bitch, I wouldn’t suggest that as a great course of action. I know, because I’ve had all 3 done.

So there you go. Uptil now most of you lot have been non-existent (we haven’t bothered looking underneath the bridge or below our dinner tables for you), and that’s kind of surprising. For crying out loud people, this is your year! The academics aren’t as hell-tough as they’ll get in the following years, your seniors will be going all-out to help you, and people are bound to be more accommodating and nice. The better repartee you have with everybody, the better time you’ll have.

4 Replies to “Oi Freshmen!”

  1. Ragging has officially been banned yet again! This isn’t the first time. Nothing new, we’re used to all this.

    It was banned when the class of 2009 came it, it wasn’t encouraged the year before. It was announced in the president’s orientation speech for the class of 2007 and boy were we ragged!

    Most people adapt and learn how to deal with the ordeal but there are ample times it becomes intolerable. Even if a senior doesn’t mean any harm, freshmen involuntarily have their guard up. I’d suggest wait a while for them to settle down and then one can get to know them.

    Besides, it doesn’t matter who rags you and who doesn’t. In a community of just 400 you will inevitably find people that match your wavelength. After all, no one can live an island.

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