OK, stop whining.

Let’s hear you out.

Since some of you think it is difficult, useless and dangerous to write/talk to the unreasonable faculty and management as individuals or in groups, and it is equally impossible to talk to Quack!’s editors (current and former) anonymously, let’s use a public wall to graffiti or spit out our troubles, shall we?

Be as anonymous as you like (in this post only), but tell the management what’s bothering you. Post a comment, vent out your troubles, but here’s how you do it.

Write your issue in a paragraph, and write a proposed solution in the next. Don’t lose focus. Don’t use trash language. That’s the only requirement for this process to work.

Once that’s done, let’s request the editors to personally take your complaints and issues to the concerned faculty members and managers, interview them, and bring back the results! How’s that for a journalistic laundry service?

You can start. Now.

5 Replies to “OK, stop whining.”

  1. thanks but no thanks- a humble suggestion for you: LEAVE QUACK like you left TIP and stop poking you nose in matters of TIP

  2. You forgot to state a problem here, so no fun. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind answering you there since it concerns me. ‘Leave Quack’ is a vague statement, like your identity. Did you by any chance mean Quack! editorship and administration, because that is entirely looked after by the current editors. Or did you mean that I should stop writing and commenting? The last I checked the ‘About’ section, Quack! was promising a voice to all students, alumni, faculty members and stakeholders! I think I qualify Quack!’s criteria well enough, so I don’t need to qualify yours, whatever that may be.

    If you feel bad about why my name is in the ‘Contribute’ tab, it’s simply there (along with names of all past editors) as a past editor/admin and an alumni representation. You can have your name there too, it’s not difficult. Earn it.

  3. I am not liking the fact that the reputation and value of Texperts is now being put at stake by introduction of new programme e.g. BBA.
    The return on investment for a textiles degree from TIP is seriously reduced thanks to burgeoning competition from small neo-textile institutions .
    Something should be done to increase the market value of Texperts. Dont know how but something should be done soon…

  4. Thank you abc xyz for finally posting something worth replying to. I Kinda agree and disagree with you. I’m not sure if introduction of a BBA program was a good idea or not, but the idea of diversifying our programs has been around for a long time. In fact according to current philosiphy and paradigms, may also be a necessity.

    I think there was considerable research done before implementing anything and perhaps the people involved there could be approached to answer that part of your concern.

    Regarding our value, as of now there are over 800 TIP graduates out there who are ambassadors that can really make TIP’s name. TIP’s trying to what it can but we as graduates can do a lot more. A lot of our early graduates really had to struggle to make their mark but we’ve seen a radical change since those early days.

    Perhaps you could throw some suggestions as to what TIP could do to increase the value of its graduates.

  5. TIP should altogether scrape together AMM , TMM, Fashion and BBA
    And focus on core areas of design and sciences.

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