On Adl and Zulm

Chomsky’s work “For reasons of State” is an excellent work for anyone interested in the subject of imperialism or Indochina recent political history. It exposes the mindset of power-intoxicated, organized ideologies who are bent upon imposing their thoughts and principles across the world, even if the east does not agree.

There are many terms in political science that define such a mindset of backroom boys- though to my mind there is nothing technical about intolerance and forceful and brute imposition of ideologies.

In simple and easy terms, its ‘zulm’ (the Arabic word, not the Urdu one) and nothing else. Democracy or free world maybe noble to the west, but if the east doesn’t agree, and “democratically” refers to Ho Chi Minh as “Uncle Ho”, no one has no right to insult their intellect or torture them to abandon red ideologies.

Chomsky quotes the horrifying mindset of a Vietnamese veteran :

“We sure are pleased with those backroom boys at Dow. The original product wasn’t so hot – if the gooks were quick they could scrape it off. So the boys started adding polystyrene – now it sticks like shit to a blanket. But then if the gooks jumped under water it stopped burning, so they started adding Willie Peter so as to make it burn better. It’ll burn under water now. And just one drop is enough; it’ll keep on burning right down to the bone so they die anyway from phosphorus poisoning.”


My version of the Abrahamic God is one that only wants us to stay on adl and keep away from zulm. Thats it. Nothing else, less or more.

Here’s an azaad nazm. It’s Faiz-styled.

Tarjeeh nahi tumharay three piece suit ko mairee dhoti pai
Tarjeeh nahi tumharay simtay huay baalun ko mairee dhool sai ati daarhi pai
Tarjeeh nahi tumhari chamakti hui gari ko mairay ghaday per
Farq kya hai mairay paseenay aur tumharay perfume mai?
Muqaddas nahi hain tumhari maa’ain mairee maa’un sai!
Masoom nahi tumharay bachay mairay bachun sai..

Mai jo aag jhokta hun; eetain banata hun,
tum jo chaltay phirtay, sarkaar ki kuch policies banatay ho
maut-tabar nahi mai tum sai, tum mujh sai.
Tumhari angraizee mairee zuban sai bartar tu nahi
Tumhari aql aur mairee aql mai kya hai farq?
Mairee aazadi tumhari aazadi sai mehangi tu nahi

Khalq-e-khuda ki arz hai ye, aur mai aur tum barabar hain !


Tumhay kyun lagta hai?
K napalm sai jaltay huay mairay badn ka
Tum sai hisaab na ho ga?

K mairee ma’ain, mairee bhatti, maira ghada
Tumhai ma’aun sai, imartun aur garyun sai
Hisaab na lain gai?

Tum jo zulm kertay ho, tum jo had sai barhtay ho!
Haq jawab tu dai ga na!

K silsila kuch aisa hai
Khalq-e-khuda ki arz hai ye, aur mai aur tum barabar hain !

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