Opinion Corner: Where are we going?

by Rahim Jindani, TS 2

Well it’s been almost a month and a half since I heard these views about TIP, and I was shocked to hear them by people who didn’t know the reality. But then I tried to find out whether the views shared by people in general about TIP were true or not. I heard people saying that our university provided the best opportunities for individuals to show off the animal within them, and get involved in all kinds of cheap and vulgar activities.

These opinions made me sad and I was embarassed to know that the reality wasn’t that different from the words used by people to describe TIPians at large. Institutions and universities are there to make people realize their potential. Doubtless I can say that TIP students are brilliant when it comes to confidence. But what importance does such confidence have when we people cannot unite under one banner of being students of TIP, rather than discriminating against each other on the basis of being in Textile Science, Management or Design. We need to realize that education is not only what we learn from books, rather it is also in the way we carry ourselves.

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  1. Rahim, you have mentioned the central idea of my next article..ahhhh!

    This is the damn reality of TIP..I will not speak much on this, rather I will be coming with a separate article on this issue..anywayz nice point man!

  2. y write another article when you can comment here and start a proper discussion..write abt sumthin else so we dun get bored yar..say here what u have to say, itl b fun discussion hopefully

  3. ok…i start here…

    The whole TIP public can clearly be divided into 4 major groups or categories:

    1)Typical mailas of sciences
    2)Burgers of TMM
    3)Sophisticated designers

    And the most unfortunate thing is that these 4 groups are totally separated from each others.We as a TIPIANZ feels proud to intorduce TIP as a place where students can socialize but the damn fact is the TIP public shit!

    Either there is a burgrish style or there is a typical maila pun…there is nothing like moderation…designers will always consider sciences “mailay” and the strange thing is that sciences accpet it!

    The girl to boy ratio in TIP is tha major factor for this discrimination…!

  4. Rameez you are acting up for a quick Cheera and that will have nothing to do with the fact that I am a Scieny Maila!! [:x]

    By the way how and in what way would you categorize the AMM People then?!

    The fact of the matter remains that most of us are insecure individuals that act lewd in order to attract attention, be it positive or negative!
    The need to belong in this far flung desert is too great, it’s Human nature!

    That fact is that you and I are writing right now is because we wish to be heard and addressed. Don’t be too quick to judge people that’s what I have always maintained.

  5. I personally know some very decent people in the sciences. What makes anyone think that there aren’t ‘mailey’ people in the design department? Being able to dress glamorously, and speaking good English – which even all of them don’t – doesn’t really prove a person’s sophistication.

    There are all kinds of people everywhere. It’s called family background, and good upbringing, which when a person has, shows, no matter which department one belongs to.

  6. What i personally belive is that TIP consists of a mixture of every kind of ppl, good, bad, cute, nasty, cheap, dumb, dishonest, cooperative and the list goes on! its actually very wrong to associate a department wid just one thing that seems prominent! I agree wid Furhan, dere are every kind of ppl in each department. So give it a break ppl, this world is a huge place full of varieties. Explore it and be explored. Just give it a thought!

  7. Well I have talked about the majority…obviously there are decent people in sciences as well..no doubt about that..it is not just me who is saying that sciences are mailas. Infact it is the general perception..its the TIP people who actually categorizes sciences, designers and managers.

    As far as the AMM is concerned…they comes between sciences and management….you will find both “mailay” and “burgers” in AMM!

  8. ‘Maila Pun’ is mostly a pschyological problem…what exactly happens that the students who take admission in sciences also comes from good backgrounds…..but the typical sciences atmoshphere changes them…if we put the question again..

    why sciences are mailas?

    there is another very simple reason given by most of our seniors. they simply say that in order to work in the industry and to deal labour…you have to be that maila type….i am totally confused by this thoery..if this is the truth..then it simply means that decent people cannot survive in the textile science job..and it means that all the people in the industry doing the sciences job are mailas..lolzz..not exactly!

    Furhan, i agree on your point…rather I say that sciences are not exactly mailas..they act like mailas coz of some pshyological problems!

  9. am sure loadsa decent ppl work in industry, and am sure they survive and progress aswell. pppl just need an excuse to justify their ill habbits. sum ppl justify by saying its necessary to be able to survive in industry, sum ppl say its tactic to get attention. in end its all to do with ones own persona, not wanting to be a wannabe among people different from u, not havin enough guts to get yourself accepted by otherz the way u r, ur willpower to survive rather than attempts at changing urslf to seek others approval, and lastly as sumone said, ur upbringing.

    many ppl hav this complex tht if they dont copy their jahil ma behn ki gaalian denay wale counterparts, they wont get accepted as mature men. if ur a bharambaaz always ready to start a fight temperamental cigarette smoking ass, people will start thinking of u as a proper man or stud. i feel sorry for such insecure people. they all seem to have a little pink butterfly princess inside them tht they fear will cum fluttring out ager they dun pretend to be more than what they relly are lolxx! khair we are digressing as madame shameem noorani wud say lolz

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