Our Experience at Clariant Pakistan

I stepped into the textile industry with plenty of hope and passion. Though textile was never my prime choice as a career but later on; this field proved to be as charming and fruitful as I can think of. I have completed my three years at Textile Institute of Pakistan. Three years of mingling with colorful fabrics, machine mechanisms, weave designs, marketing and management presentations, dyes and auxiliaries’ related chemistry and a lot else from this dynamic field. I usually relate more charm and color with textiles as any other field. Textile is attractive both in terms of its colorful work (wet-processing specially) and rewarding career. With the conclusion of my third year; I applied for my internship at different places whereas I put Clariant as my first priority in the internship form. I got my confirmation just one day before my vacations and then I came to know that we have to attend this training at Clariant from 1st June; right after our final exams with no break at all. Initially, it made me a bit nervous as I wanted some time to relax and put my life in some kind of order. But to be very honest, training at Clariant was a great opportunity and I could never let this thing go so I decided to join my course along with 4 other fellow students from my class.

My first day at Clariant started when we, four students, entered at 7:45 am (a good 1 hour 15 minutes before the actual timings) as we were not aware about the amount of time consumed during the way to Clariant from our homes. After waiting a good 45 minutes, we were allowed to enter at the company premises. Now, the view was fantabulous. Shiny cars of latest models, well-maintained and centrally air-conditioned building, well dressed up employees, well furnished lab and a separate dedicated scientific centre where we were about to spend our next 5 weeks (as we were one week late).Carrying different kind of thoughts, we entered the premises of Clariant’s Scientific Centre which is dedicated for all of the research and training work. We entered the office where an employee told us the way to our lab. Upon entering the lab; we were introduced to Mr. Moeed Siddiqui (who was the in charge of our training). We were given our forms to fill followed by our first tea break and then the theory class. We were also introduced to our fellow students from NED, KU, SMA RIZVI AND MEHRAN and obviously to our lab in charges Mr. Shahid and Mr. Waqas.

Our experience in Clariant’s lab was different in a sense that we have never spent the whole day in a processing lab (not even in our universities). The dedicated staff of the lab helped us a lot as they were always very polite and gentle in answering to even our silly questions. The best thing about the lab was that our instructors were keen to maintain discipline. Though majority of the practical we did in the lab were covered during our last semester but a much more dedicated atmosphere made us able to handle lab apparatus more efficiently. It taught us how to work as a team and how to maintain discipline at our workplace. And now, how can we forget the great lunch at Clariant. That lunch break for one hour was a real booster for all of us which kept us working happily throughout the day. We ate everything; from shaslik to kooftay and from daal chawal to biryaani, from kheer to mangoes and from gulaab jaman to lassi. One thing we can never forget about the cafeteria was the equal treatment of all the employees especially at the place of eating. Imagine this, higher management, middle management and sweepers or peons are having their lunch at the same table. This equal treatment was never seen by us at any other textile company.

From pre-treatment till finishing; all the labs were properly designed and were completed on time. The way we prepared our lab reports taught us how to do our work cleanly and in a proper way though it was very hectic. During out theory classes; we were allowed and encouraged to raise questions on different topics which increased our understanding of our related field. During our last week (finishing week), we were briefed on different finishes and their brands by people from the sales departments. Learning is an ongoing process and for us; every new place is a new learning opportunity. To summarize, we are impressed by Clariant’s corporate culture which enables each and every employee to be a real part of an organization. Employee empowerment and the facilities they gave is the real theme of motivation for the employees at Clariant. We found new friends, new instructors and different but serious working environment. Corporate culture encouraged us to implement the same when we will be going to different industries as managers. Pakistan’s textile sector is on a decline these days and this is the right time that we should encourage and appreciate corporate culture in our industries. To handle this crisis efficiently and to move forward at a much faster pace, we need to inverse this trend of “one-man domination” to “corporate culture” and Clariant Pakistan is a prime example which is growing and growing even in this tough scenario only because of its effective management and educated workforce. Now at last, we would like to thank everybody who was the part of our training being a fellow student or an instructor. Thank you all for your support. We have spent a great time together and we can never forget this at all.

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  1. simply “CRAP” dear we went thr 2 learn sumthn nt 4 eatin n enjyn d atmsphr.
    wteva u wrot is 100% true bt as fr as learnin is cncrnd so dear i dnt thk so v hv learnd sumthn out of it……….
    plzzz shw d othr syd of pictre 🙂

  2. yes u r write the corporate culture is there but there are lot of things which need improvement for example the course content and evaluation form. i also appreciate the the dedication of clariant staff.as far as the my self is concern i think “main nay apana time waste kya ” but clariant certificate have worth in market so i did it. i advice people, they should go to clariant. Tipian (up to 2nd year)should go there.

  3. Dear such a nice article in which u capture all the experiences and memories of Clariant Pakistan….
    Dear Plz mail this article to Mr.Moeed

  4. @Anonymous
    Firstly, you must have the courage to put your name while commenting on an article. There is nothing harm in putting your name while passing a negative comment. No one will kill you for that.

    Secondly; we have left the comments sections open so that people can elaborate the other side of the scenario as well. I have written it in my way and now it is you people; who will show the other side of the picture. There are positive and negative aspects of everything and it is up to writer whether he/she shows both of them or not. It doesen’t simply makes your article “un-realistic”. Mind you, it is realistic and very true as you have already accepted that.

    For you it can be a “CRAP” but there are different forms of learning and I have learned (not a lot but to some extent) from my experience. As far as food at clariant is concerned. Yes, I enjoyed it and we all enjoyed it but it’s not just the lunch which is speaking. There are other many good things about the company and I have mentioned those as well.

  5. dear you, dear me, dear here, dear there, dEEr my dEEr.. rameez luks like they all love u so does it matter if it is by some annon person.. o n just to be clear i think the quack team is pretty efficient they can find out who write what on quack.. im def. sure they know.. which sort of does discourage ppl from writing i guess as it endangers the INTEGRITY of the piece.. k i dont know what im talking about but all i want to say is that keep writing be it anon or be it ne1 try not using so many dearss n rameez please dont take in the wrong way but its a good way to learn what others think.. when u write u write from ur perspective.. its the anon thing maybe thas not letting this person write openly..neways this is quack an independent newsletter btw ever wonder how a ducks quack never echoes and the idea behind quack is to let the people at TIP know about issues and how ppl feel..

  6. Oh Mr. Nevermind; it is great to see you commenting on Quack! after such a long time. Where were you? We all missed you 🙂

  7. stupefied……well well well…listn bud….i nvr wryt ma name no mattr m wrtng posity or negaty….i always appreciate realistc articlesn n m miles awy frm butterinf stuff dat’s y i wrote straight-frwrdly..A gud writr always encourage “POSITY CRITICISM”…

  8. well written rameez!!!…i wud lyk to add quit a few thngz as well…i m also pursuing my training course @ clariant! it feels lyk a gr8 opprtnty 4 TIP students too as most of the students frm TIP r of da opinion dat traning @ clariant is fruitless because the subject matter taught @ clariant is thoroughly done @ TIP…to some extent i agree but there r a lot of other thngz to learn too lyk…most of the subject content @ clariant is related to practical application in the industry n everythng is taught in a sequence which is easy to understand n keeps student’s intrst intact abt wot is da real objective(this is highly unlike TIP)…in my opinion imparting knowledge and teaching are two diffrnt thngz…TIP might be gud @ imparting knowledge but unfortunately not @ TEACHING particularly in dis field(textile wet processing)…

    furthermore you r introduced to the students of several other institutions who r strangers 4 u,n i dont know abt ur grp rameez but most of the groups involve 4-5 students frm difrnt institutes wich gives u a chance to interact n learn how to coordinate ur asnmnt n divide da work in an efficient manner according to the capabilities of each grp mate…thats y i think internship at claiant is fruitful beyond the scope of atmosphere n food…

    thats wot i believe…

    @ rameez…y cant u identify anonymous its soo obvious 😉

  9. It wud be an understatement to say dat i m surprised to read this article…… specially after those evaluation forms 🙂

  10. plz cnfrm mujy btaen k clariant ki internship ab bhi horai hn me n my class fellows also want to go for internship in clariant one of my class felloe says that they were stop internship is this true r not plz help us

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