Partnerships not Friendship

We stepped into this world being purely innocent ones because of our inability to identify ‘true friends’ and people with their ‘own benefits and objectives or simply our business colleagues’. Before I take you to much inner depths, brief definitions of ‘friendship’ and ‘partnership’ seems necessary. ‘Friendship’ is a relation purely built on love, importance and consideration about each other. It is independent from worldly benefits and other personal achievements while ‘partnerships’ are bonding only based on some unique goals or objectives of any common organization/institution. You can have many partners/fellows/colleagues but you can not have too many friends. In fact, there is no or less comparison between these two things as one is purely emotional relationship while the other is a professional way of doing things.

We work with hundred people everyday in our lives. We eat with them; work with them and even chat with them. We go to our schools, colleges, multinationals, government offices and other work places and every time we work with new and with different kind of community. According to most of the people, all our working colleagues are like friends. Once I asked one of my class fellows about his friends. He without any delay declared all our class mates his ‘friends’. According to most of the office going people; each and every person in their respective job places are their ‘friends. I think we are a bit ‘confused’ at this stage as we might not distinguish between these two entities or may be we are too much emotional and loving which makes difficult for us to separate water and milk.

However, the point is that we need to categorize our ‘true friends’ from our ‘associates’ or ‘fellows’. As mentioned earlier that all our friends might be our contemporaries but not all our contemporaries are our friends. One thing is ‘have to’ while the other is ‘want to’. We work with all these people because we ‘have to’-it never comes from our insides while a friend is far beyond than this ‘have to’ phrase-you ‘have to’ do or say ‘go’ with hundred people at a time but you yourself wanted to be a true friend of not more than two or three people.

Friendship is a divine relationship. It is not like that we have ‘too many’ friends, I mean we can not have ‘too many’ friends. A friend always captures a particular area of your heart while your business partners are mostly only your partners (irrespective of certain cases). The question is how can we differ between these two? Well, the answer is simple-a friend is one who is never there only to pass his/her time with you-he/she is more than that. A friend cares about your each and everything-he/she cries when you cries and smiles when you smiles-he/she always keeps in touch with you even after the completion of your matric, graduation or job retirement while most of the ‘business or class colleagues’ only stays with you as soon as you leave that organization.

Today’s world is filled with ‘smart’ and ‘clever’ people with their dirty aims. We, being Pakistanis are very emotional by nature and sometimes fails to encounter a true friend and a normal fellow. What we usually do is start expecting from our every colleague that he/she will help us since they are our ‘so called friends’. But it rarely happens as ‘expectations’ are the most dangerous thing especially from those who are actually not your friends. Please enable yourself such that you could differ between two opposite things and stop building expectations from those who are only your work partners.

What do you say about this? Do you have a different point of view?