People who C.A.R.E.

Years before there was a need, a need for a platform where students of TIP can raise their voices; Voice against management’s so called student friendly policies, voice against dirty student politics, voice against whatever that was not good for TIP and its stakeholders. A group of students with in TIP thought of what could be done to put their voice on front and speak their heart out. Finally they came up with something we all know as QUACK, TIP’s independent Newspaper, and those students were known as, ‘The People who C.A.R.E.’.

Few days back I was sitting in the orientation of new born TIPian in the auditorium, when I distributed the copies of QUACK to them that it was their place to speak out independently, suddenly a voice came for the stage, ‘ Tell them it’s moderated’. Some of you might agree with the context, I to agree to it as well, but we all know that body language speaks more than your words. I would like to be more clear with what I have to say, Faces might have changed, but the passion and the aims are still the same, more you try to suppress us, the more we C.A.R.E.

Whatever happens we’ll always be there and I would like to say it again, the faces might change but there will always be someone who would C.A.R.E.

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  1. people who care have

    team is doin gud but wat i feel there is a need to improve this platform as silly ppl who misused this platform by using unethical words and hide them behind a nickname
    there should be a login kinda scene
    so ppl will show more professionalism and more positives feed back and article can be received rather than blah blah bulshit..
    request to publishing society

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