Philosophy of Human Life

Life is a gift from God. A gift which we never request for, a gift which permits us to use it the way we want, a gift which significance is not realized by many of us and surely a gift through which we can decide about our destiny as well. Life is not a continuous process. It is limited in terms of time and opportunities. It is short and we have to obtain (what ever we want to), in this short span of time. Life is like a cricket game where you have to play each and every ball according to its merit. Life is a war and you have to struggle against the evil sources. Hence, life is a whole parcel of opportunities, desires and constant fighting between love and evil sources.

Have you ever traveled through a train? I am sure you all must have. Just visualize that you are traveling in a train. A train loaded with passengers of every kind. From young people to infant children; middle age citizens to older ones. Train packed with people from different origins and flavors having different moods and minds. Some of them want to go to the nearest Hyderabad; while many of them want to depart for Lahore and Faisalabad as well. Our life has the very same attitude. Life is a railway journey and we all are the commuters. It is like that we are traveling in a train and every one of us is due to appear at his/her station. All the passengers of this train of life are different from each other having different behaviors and attitude. But they have to tolerate each other since they have to travel together. They need to love and care for each other since this is the only way if they want to travel peacefully. The only difference between railway journey and life is that in life; we don’t know about when and where our station will come. Whom ever the station comes, he/she have to say good bye and leave. This ride is not a simple one. It has bad spots as well. There are points where the track is bad and broken. There are areas where weather is uncertain and also there are the places where there is always a risk of getting robbed.

Life is a book; a story book with a variety of characters. But the amazing thing is that each and every character also has its own story. Every character possesses different characteristics and is dissimilar in terms of its thoughts. The story is not written by us neither we have the authority to change it the way we want to. But, to be very honest, we still have the authority to transform a major part of our lives with our deeds and actions. Life is a movie with all the necessary characters like hero, heroin and the villain. In fact, every person in this huge movie world theater is a hero/heroin. It is just a compulsion of the real life directors that they cannot focus every character at a time. The story of life is written by the greatest writer of the universe. This movie is written, directed and produced by Almighty Allah. And what a magnificent director He is! He has directed the play but has never forced His decision over the mankind. Allah has given His beloved mankind a part of direction of this movie. He has given human a power to decide about the track of the picture but in a limited way. The movie of life is exceptional and splendid which focal point is each and every character unlike the real time movie.

There can be a thousand philosophies of life. We can explain life with so many examples and references that we can not imagine right now. Life is a fabric; weaved from the yarns of emotions and feelings. Life is a market where every person has a worth. Life is hope and hope is life. Life is a blessing and a chance to prove ourselves. Life is one and we will not be having a second chance. I can speak out a hundred examples of life and can come up with hundreds of suggestions to make it much better. But, to be very honest, I would here like to quote one of my super favorite quotations we used to perform every morning at our school assembly. These words were:

If life is a game, play it. If life is a journey, complete it. If life is a challenge, accept it. But remember life is what you make it!

And it leaves me with nothing much more to speak. To conclude, it doesn’t matter which philosophy of life you perceive. Either you can see life as a railway journey or weaved fabric or simply a story book or movie. The important thing is what you want from your life and what your priorities are. Do you know about your goals and objectives? Do you know what your standards of success are? Are you a ‘wanna be’? Or you can perceive things with your own lens. Are you smart enough to cater a crisis by yourself? Life is nothing but your way of thinking. Imagine life one hell of a life and it will prove to be. Take life simpler and it will prove to be. Life is what we think about it. So, be clear and focused about your priorities and goals of life since life is what you make it.

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  1. …”Life is not a continuous process”…
    well written rameez but i think you just negated the above statement the rest of your article. the railway journey, the fabric and movie in either way its a continuous process.
    Moreover in my opinion life as a continuous struggle for balance…a balance in our physical/emotional /mental and spirtual life.

    keep thinking…………….

  2. Mr. Rameez is a regular writer on this website, and I am happy to say that.
    In his all articles, he always discusses good philosophies of different angle of the life.
    No doubt these philosophies are the mile stone for the new and young generation
    Of our Muslim and specially Pakistani younger in his Aatrical we can see the
    Humanity, Islam, Brother Hood, Scarifies for others, and Nationalsam also which is the
    Acute requirement for our nation

    Thank you Mr. Rameez I am looking forward for your good and a very useful Carrier for young generation

    Tanveer Khan

  3. Assalam-0-alikum,
    Rameez is a very talented and nice cousin.
    Rameez thinks deeply and he has got the potential to examine the depth of everything which makes him a good writer.
    Keep up the good work!
    God bless you

    Bushra Baji

  4. i go through ur page an d find u a good writer

    u r multi telented an da kind of a nice hearted person may allah succed u in every walk of life ameen

  5. WTF … Mr. Rameez u are inviting ur friends and family to come and appreciate the most vague and wannabish article u wrote? … What are u? * years old kid?

    At least request ur friends and relatives to write correct English while supporting ur highly intellectual kind of pseudo philosophy … or may be u mail them the exact words u want them to post for appreciating ur SO Goody Good articles …

    Gosh your friends and family literally writing essays on u … Rameez is a good guy,
    Rameez got two legs…
    Rameez got two eyes…
    Rameez got one nose …
    Rameez got an ultra chanrged urge of making people appreciate his articles.
    Rameez got No Brain.

    Dude … Grow Up

  6. @Malik

    Dude, I really doubt on your such negative thinking. I never forced anyone to post comments nor I send anyone any kind of ‘comments’ to put up here. You need to discuss here about the article not about the people. Small minds discuss people and yes! you seems a very small mind. You grow up dude!

  7. Rameez is a good guy.
    Rameez got two eyes.
    Rameez got one nose.
    Rameez after saying above statement discusses me as “You seems a very small mind” … without thinking that now he is discussing people 😛
    Rameez is a king of Hypocrisy Queens.
    Rameez is now thinking about inviting some more friends and relatives to defend him here.

    Rameez Chronicles 101

  8. @malik
    jeetey raho Malik …. i agree from you ….khush ho gaya main tumhara above comment parh kar

  9. @ malik

    Well defined!! Thanks! Atleast there is someone who thinks like me! i wanted to say so much more about this article but i didnt because of my bad reputation for being such a “critique”
    now i think there is no need to say anything else!

    “highly intellectual kind of pseudo philosophy”


  10. “highly intellectual kind of pseudo philosophy”

    Justify it please? Making personal attacks is the last refugee of people with illogical comments. You yourself know nothing about the article, rather you are obsessed with the comments floating here. Prove it that this philosophy is “pseudo”..

  11. Rameez … jokes aside, may i ask abt how many books u ve read about philosophy? Who is ur fav Philosopher? and why? Whats ur background in Literature and Philosophy?

    Please temme the names of books u ve read of Aquinas or Aristotle or Augustine or lets move towards recent past lets ask u abt Any Rand’s books? or Jean-Paul Sartre or Kant’s? Or My fav Nietzsche’s … ever read any of mentioned renowned authors books and philosophies?

    Dude … Learn to take n tolerate criticism, it looks stupid when u invite ur frnds n family to come and openly appreciate ur article without even reading it … All u said is that life is not a continuous process and u gave so many examples for this simple and so visible FACT which according to u is a Philosophy … You ve no idea about what actually philosophy is and it looks ugly to jump and try to swim in a sea when u dun even know “S” of swimming …

    Anyhow … Do read the philosophers i mentioned … if u need any help or suggestion for a book, i can recommend u some …

    But plz stop ur frnds and family to chant slogans and writing essays on u …

    Hopefully u ll understand otherwise prolly i wasted my time.

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