Pink Alert: Editorial

On April 3, 2007, Quack! Offline Edition featured an article (Segregated weddings and lunch rooms) by Arsalan Ahmed which received much attention from our audience.

The points in the article were taken note of and some of them were addressed by the president, in his recent address to the students.

However, regarding thefts on campus as mentioned towards the end of Arsalan’s article, it is important that Quack!, being impartial gives an account of the loss of Mrs. Durrani’s belongings in light of recorded events.

The case has been filed with the police and investigation has been going on since February 2007. According our reports, no evidence has been found to date which supports the claim of theft.

As far as petty campus thefts are concerned, we strongly advise you to take care of your own belongings. It is most unfortunate that petty crime is something that is part of our society and it is something that we ourselves have to deal with.


Super Quack!
(The Quack! editorial board)

7 Replies to “Pink Alert: Editorial”

  1. ‘everybody needs their own space’….
    That sure is a fine way to justify the ‘segregation’ and the widening gap between the faculty and the students.
    … and hey… it’s not as if I blamed anybody for whatever happened with Mrs Sumaya Durrani… so why take it so personally?
    … and….. aakhir mein to hum sab ko apni cheezon ka khayal khud hi rakhna parhta hai… so….. try coming up with a better come back!

  2. I’m sure that would be better, if it had been said, about a month ago when the president displayed his affection for an open forum, I’m sure one can be arranged since he did take 15 minutes from the class schedule, for the previous one.

  3. oh and yea….. i too remember coming across that post too… about quack being impartial and giving an account of whatever happened…..

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