Poll: I wet my pants

The results are in! The scariest thing about TIP is the hostel! 58% of TIP students wet their pants when think about staying in the hostel! 24% are terrified by the bus ride, though more of these (54%) dread going to TIP than coming back home (46%). We feel that the 13% who dread the morning bus ride actually fear that the tower or the “TIP windmill” will fall on their heads.

But, let these results not scare you from TIP! It’s not as bad as it often sounds, it just happens that little positive gets reported.

Chances are, the 18% of students who wet their pants in excitement about being a part of TIP will do something about this. But don’t bet on it, as none of them noticed the spelling of “excitment” used in the poll!

I wet my pants

13% When I think about the morning bus ride (5 votes)
18% In excitment about being a part of TIP (7 votes)
58% When I think about staying in the hostel (22 votes)
11% % When I think about the afternoon bus ride (4 votes)

This poll ran from March 24 to April 28, 2007. Total Votes: 38

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