Polluting the CAMPUS

From the last few days I have been noticing some cheap publicity of Quack Online going on in the campus. There are more than eight notice boards in the campus, but still the walls are being used for the purpose of posting pamphlets. From corridor to cafeteria, Abid (I`m sorry to say) has left no place. Horror of horrors is the pamphlet placed right outside the notice board.

Dekhain mein Quack online ke liye likh ker kaisa hogaya is what they say. Quack, no doubt is a wonderful effort to provide us entertainment and people already know about Quack, so whats the motive? I don’t why the administration continues to procrastinate on this issue. TIP claims to be an institute which follows international standards, but spoiling or polluting the walls of the campus is by no means an international standard. It is like giving birth to a tradition in which no one will consider looking at the notice boards and rather look for walls that display their favrite news.

After reading this, fellow students please act responsibly and get these removed as soon as possible because we have a beautiful campus and it is our duty to preserve it.

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  1. I think Waqas has pointed out exactly what Mr. Abid Omar is doing on the walls of TIP. It looks too bad. Abid can’t you please use the notice boards for your purposes.I think if u continue the other junior students will continue chalking on the walls of TIP because they might be thinking the about the demo which you are using.

  2. i dont think that this should b called “polluting the walls” i have been asking people to write for the mag from the start of this acadamic year how many articles have i collected till now do u know tht??? 12!!! thts it… if abid or i dont put up notices on the walls of the cafe n not make u write for the quack or the mag then quack online will die n the mag will b an as usual delay… so try thinkin positively n respond to the things v want from u … quack is ur news letter n Talking Textures is ur mag

  3. But saad this is not the way Mr.Abid Omer is doing. With due respect to his efforts contributing towards publications but this sort of work don’t make any sense. You know it looks cheap.

  4. saad,
    do u think people will write for the mag by seeing pamphlets on the wall, actually u have to tell them what u need and commmunicate directly with them.writing articles, is that all u want from us … well think saad there are many other things we can do for the mag…taking pictures,typing,sketching,ideas and many other things.
    try putting pamphlets everywhere in the campus but still u won’t get anybody to write for the mag like this.

  5. u r right … it the type of pollution but remember that it a papuler way of advertisement and getting attention of other in pakistan. u must noticed it when u daily travel from karachi to campus. lote of adds are painted on the walls contanning the names of the most papuler leaders in our politics, the shopping centers’, the palmists’ , the universities, the colleged and coching centers, the moblie phones.. long list , then why the Quack Online can not give their adds walls …

  6. it looks quite easy to comment from the outside on the inside, like i said i am tired of asking ppl to write, n writing means one fine day u have this idea woola, man i should write on this topic n give my article for the mag.. but no 1 ever tried to do tht xcept a few…. now u want to do the photography .. well ok fine good do wht eva u want … but writing was the easiest and the most praiseworthy as u have ur name there… as i said b4 n will say it again i have been asking ppl to write, i have been running after them, but no good has really happened so after getting tired of all this talking thing the decision of covering the walls with the notices was taken

  7. Bright colourful posters and pamphlets overflowing the notice boards, tacked over all the walls of the campus, inside the classrooms, on the doors, at the gate. All signs of a healthy and vibrant campus life, as any “international” campus ought to be. The TIP campus holds a sorrowful look, with its bare walls and dull notice boards.

    Students! Come on and fill the classroom walls with posters, pictures and information on spinning and weaving, blowing and carding, dyeing and finishing. And the campus walls with new activities such as films, poetry readings, guest lecturers, and hostel activities. Let’s get this campus that “international” flavour!

  8. Abid I know tht our lifeless campus holds the sorrow look , But it ds`nt mean that we start destroying the walls of campus. Ok.fine, U r doing tht for the promotion of Quack, but what about the guys who now start putting thier ugly pamplets, whether they are organizing GULLI_DANDA compatition or any such activities. Means U r initiating a bad tradition. Well, if u want to beautify campus(as u mentioned), than do it in positive manner, we`ll back u.
    & mr Raghib, try to change the way U thnk, in ths city u`ll even found the heaps of trash & shits, meaNS, we too start doing those craps in our campus??

  9. oh ‘cmon waqas… u r comparing posters to trash n shit… n no one is distroying (pretty harsh word) the walls v r only sticking the posters, which can easily b removed … its not about making walls look dirty… the reason of ur ritaliation is tht nobody has ever done this b4… so whenever there is a change tht doznt harm anyone but takes steps to display talents then u should welcome it… i hope u’ll understand

  10. Saad, I understand, sorry for using such a harsh word. But what i mean to say, now every single guy start using walls for there pamplets. Today they are using walls for Chot_mota events, what if tommorow they use walls for the campining of election..?? Thnik abt It!!

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