Poor Response at Final Year Research Poster Display

There isn’t much to write about this years poster display event except the news heading, so I’ll summarize it below:

Fri, Dec 19, ’08, 9am-4pm: 4 faculty members, 2 visitors.
Sat, Dec 19, ’08, 9am-4pm: 6 faculty members, 2 Texperts, 1 visitor(to be confirmed).

At least half of the research supervisors did not attend the event.

Thank you, Dr.NAM for the generous treat.

I end this by sharing one of the better memories connected with the event.

In case you’re wondering, those white things on the beach sand are sea shells.

14 Replies to “Poor Response at Final Year Research Poster Display”

  1. To advise future final years to not take time-wasting events such as these seriously (that too, right before final exams). What appears to be futile to common sense at first thought is probably going to be useless in reality as well.

  2. the management did nothing .. infact “tried” nothing to make the event successful …
    @ sir aasim
    we learned that “how can we waste 2 valuable days when the exams are right on the head” …
    i agree with furhan , it was a generous treat from MR. NAM .. thanks

  3. Oh you guys are nearly close. We had 3 texperts visiting in 2 day of our display of the project. We won! :/

  4. well its all becoz of this event that we had a great time at seaview togather and the weather was also just great…. thanks to management for making it possible ,,,, ;p

  5. the way i see it .. the management is trying to make you guys mentally ready for the time ahead when you graduate .. no offense

  6. @ salman
    managemant has been doing the same for the past 3.5 years, for us .. and they are best in doin so 😀

  7. i advise mngmnt to hold this event at cafe basement next yr with a dance party ending the event with a flare…im sure they can gather ample audience;)

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