Quack Appreciated Here and Outside

Quack! Online has received numerous emails over the past year from students and others outside TIP, all appreciating and applauding our efforts as exceptional in Pakistan. This particular email arrived during the last academic week of this semester, and is touching in its timing when many of us are going through trying times. Thank you Amna, we at Quack! also wish you the best in your life.

hi all,

its a nice try 4 collectin views n reviews bout the university, i bieng not a part of ur univ. can’t help praising u ppl. n every 1 hooz behind the makin of this website.

all i’d rite is that goin thru pplz views, i felt that v shudnt raise eyebrows over li’l things. this time period of 1z life is sumthing very important, ven u leave this place, u’ll b steppin in ur practical life, n all that u’ll b takin along wud b a bit of knowlegde n memoris that stay with u all ur life. its skool, then college then university, n i must say, this is the last time u can feel that u were born free. once u step outta this world, u’ll miss ur frendz, as well as ur enemies 🙂 those spicy talks, those sweet thoughts n every every thing every every moment, so try to make it a whole world of lovely memories rahter than harsh talks n a whole bunch of enemies.

Best of luk 4 every thing u do in life , alwayz.

Amna A. S.

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  1. Its good very good that Quack the independent Magazine Of TIP is doing better. Thumbs UP for ABid Bro whu really worked hard and made the commenting system creative.

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