Quack! Online #1 at Feedster

Quack! Online #1 at Feedster

Feedster is an award winning weblog search engine, and the top resource in the world of weblogs. Quack! Online is at the time of writing the number one result for the search Pakistan.

Will Quack! Online be soon the top result at Google? Only time, and increased use and frequency of posting will tell.

2 Replies to “Quack! Online #1 at Feedster”

  1. I hear your voices even in khi… Tipian.. Industry is urs.. let the industry hear u… you all exist..
    stay in peace… with unity…
    take care all
    Texpert Adeel Shah

  2. ya i totally agree with u adeel , we have alreday paid for not stayin’ in contact with our seriours(exceptions are there 🙂 ) but atleast we can give our juniors a hand .
    best wishes

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