Quack! Online’s new face!

Asad Jafri! Yes. That’s the person you badger from now on when you want your writing published on Quack! Online, or in case you’re not too happy with your faculty, management, or the geese. Trust Asad to get on the case and put his journalistic and editing talents to good use.

Welcome aboard as editor, Asad.

2 Replies to “Quack! Online’s new face!”

  1. ASAD JAFRI….the new man in ACTION 🙂 On behalf of our team WE welcome you as our editor for Quack Online! 🙂
    With you on board, Quack will surely touch the stars and will experience its bloom!
    Rock on Man….show us what you truly are 😀

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I will try my utmost best to keep the spirit of Quack! Online alive… or should I say, bring back the spirit. Let the posting begin!

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