Quack Slows to a Crawl

Quack! Online and offline has slowed down to a crawl with a dearth of fresh content from writers. Fewer students are visiting the site, with exams being the only thing they can think of.

Despair not. During the winter break following the exams, Quack! Online will be back with a big bang. We’re looking at a new layout, improved content mangement system, easier posting of articles and comments, and registered commenting. We’re also looking at buying our own space, with TISF giving the money for the project.

And when we’ll have our own space, we’ll have our own name. No more quack.offroadpakistan.com. While we’re still open to suggestions, the domain names we’re thinking of are either quackonline.com or tiponline.com. What do you think?

5 Replies to “Quack Slows to a Crawl”

  1. yeh thts rite thr must be an easy way to do work either doing it in an odd way ….behtar yehi hay kay patli gali ka rasta hi napain

  2. yeh ths right to do some thing either doin it in an odd way…behtar yehi hay kay patli gali ka rasta napain

  3. HEY Abid, DOn worry, Tip Masala is back … I hope you will support this site as you used to so … here is the link for those for who don remember the site address of Tip Masala
    I hope you all will enjoy ….

  4. sorry guys,my net is not working properly…. i mean “tiponline.com” will be the perfect name…

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