Quack welcomes the class of 2008!

The Quack team extends its hearties congrats to all the freshmen who will be joining TIP on 30th August 2004. Wish you all the best and enjoy your orientation week!

Do keep visiting quack online for updates. In the meantime here’s a snap of the campus, taken from the famous TIP tower, which you can show off to your friends.

Ariel view of our campus

Did you also know that TIP has a windmill?

8 Replies to “Quack welcomes the class of 2008!”

  1. Caution:- A message from a “freshmen”
    hey guys ,,,, TIPz going at its peak , but the hell is only the freakin ragging ,,, i liked the way teachers saved us from being ragged but still it was of no use , we were still being ragged neways it was fun being ragged but the worst part was the lipstick n the kajol thingy ,,,, yuck ,, neways tht was all fun ,,,,,
    stay in peace ,,,,Ahmed

  2. hi… ahmad …. abhi to starting hai 1 week bhi nahi hoa hai tum logon ko aye hove…. just wait n watch ……..wat happens next!!!

  3. hi ahmed… we have passed this stage… ab tum logoon ki bari hai… u ppl will also be getting all these *Privileges* with big *P*!!! so dont be 🙁 or :$… yeh saari masoomiat 2nd year tak nikal jaey gi!!! like me ;)… hehe…

  4. hi,TIP is good very good,ragging?????to some extent it is good but,in excess it is highly injourious to health & it is serious mental torture,especially physical ragging

  5. Khan bhai… abhi tu starting hai… by the way tell me onething that r u gonna stay at hostel??? if *Yes* tu tum gaey… wehan bohut mazey ki physical ragging hoti hai… but if *No* tu iss ko tum apna *Good Luck* hi semjh lo… 🙂 …

  6. Physical ragging in the hostel depends on how one tackles it. Some ppl choose to get ragged. If one pokes his nose into every room where there’s activity going on then that individual is bound to get trapped.

    It must also be kept in mind that everyone’s paying good money to study at TIP. If you feel that you are being ragged beyond your limits then you can put your foot down. Just don’t get rash or try and retaliate in physical. Otherwise the consequences will be bad for both. The disciplinary committee won’t ask who started it. It’ll rightfully punish all those who are involved.

  7. meray bhai beauty spot who ever u r,instead of encouraging them tu freshmen ko inko aur dara.
    one more thing for taaza mard,ragging is just a phase of university life,enjoy it 🙂

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