Rebellion for Dummies

Rebellion for Dummies By an anonymous but regular author of Quack!, cause you never know how the administration would react!

Here’s a surefire way to make sure that you have a rebellion in your hands at the end of the semester:

  • Break every tradition in the book and make sure that the students are publicly humilated. How? (Um I Dunno, Like Ban Ragging!)
  • Increase the Fee of the Hostel by Rs.6000/- and tell the karachite that they don’t have room for them. (Umm, ok. No room for 50 students in a hostel that can accommodate over 150. Makes Sense.)
  • Hire Surly Bus Drivers who:
    1. Drive with out the students if they are late by 2 minutes.
    2. Accuse the students of smoking when they haven’t.
    3. Don’t take extra passengers even if their route is the same.
    4. Don’t let the students turn on the stereo in the two hour long ride.
  • When asking an Administration official a question the only reply you get, “Talk to the President!” (Eg. “Sir Can we Turn on our stereo in the Bus?” Reply is “Talk to the president this is not our problem.”)
  • Take precious time of the TISF Activities for Long Boring Lectures That No one even wants to hear. (Except maybe the President Himself!)
  • Censor and cross check everything the students do so that it’s reminded constantly that they are being watched! (Like Banning the Music Video in the Freshman Gala!)
  • Make sure that the gala starts late by keeping a Class in the Auditorium without prior notice.
  • Putting the squeeze on the students by increasing their work load by 2 folds!
  • Invite every kind of guest speaker and a Member of the Board of Governors to give long and lengthy speeches about how DEMOCRATIC the Institute is and go out and do precisely what you want! (Just about everything the President is doing. “When I make up my mind I do it!” and “I have a very open door policy!” Umm what good is that when you’ve already made up your mind?! )
  • Devise a system in the computer lab in which it is impossible to do anything productive and then increase power outages and internet breakdowns. (No sign of stopping that!)

By following the above trends and more to come, you’ll be sure to have a raging torrent of students at your door steps. The anger and discontent will be so venomous that the freshmen will leave without even having a reason, except maybe to go an institute which isn’t as stifling and, Oh soooo far away from Karachi!

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  1. How right!! Though I don’t support the ragging bit since people here are uncivilised to the hilt, but yeah the place has serious issues–Teachers give us long lectures about how mismanaged we are all the time. I wish they’d join the administration of this institute and fix the problems here first!

  2. i believe the administration should check the word democratic from the dictionary. i dont recall a single democratic thing the management has done yet, and honestly, being given ten minutes to speak after every 3 hour lecture does not constitute “voicing your opinion”
    where are the suggestion boxes? who do we go to for complaints? how come none of our REAL problems ever get solved? WHY is the management trying to get us to revolt against it anyway?

  3. One of our dear teachers asked me about suggestions coming from students which he could raise during the then upcoming meeting – The first thing I could come up with was the need of Suggestion/Complaint Boxes!!

  4. What’s with this Umair Saeed guy?? I mean what’s his problem? His attitude is his major problem-as if he’s king supreme to Planet TIP, and not just “An” EMPLOYEE!!!

    He goes to London to have fun, and no person can make any urgently required decision-maybe one on which a student’s entire academic career depends- not that Umair Saeed is flexible, accommodating, friendly or sensible, or has student interests at heart, but still!

    Ask Mr.Bandookda anything, and his decision is based entirely on Umair Saeed’s POV(read ‘whim’)!!

    And I wish he doesn’t lie about his ‘OPEN DOOR POLICY’ which does not exist! U have to tell ur problem, no matter how confidential, to his secretary, who first briefs him and all he has to do is tell her to direct the needy student to one of the members of his INCOMPETENT staff!!


  5. When asking an Administration official a question the only reply you get, “Talk to the President!” (Eg. “Sir Can we Turn on our stereo in the Bus?” Reply is “Talk to the president this is not our problem.”)

    In addition, let me add that one’s problems still will not get solved if u speak to Mr.Bandookda. Sorry to say this, but, his reins are in Mr.Umair Saeed’s hands, so that’s where u will be sent next! And as Benazir mentioned, and correctly, the last thing that’s close to his heart is the student’s interest!

  6. Nawaz, point 1 and specially 3 hardly qualify as the best of student interests, if u can categorize them as issues at all, since I am entirely against TIP definition of ragging(stealing money, belts, watches, physical abuse, humiliation, making people forcibly indulge in obscenities).

    Shoving the above point aside, there are far more serious student issues/interests at need to be addressed if u are to call this institution civilized. These include inflexible fees issues, not just charging but overcharging us for every little bit, instead of charging us less for printouts(which eventually are given back to the institute in form of assignments and reports), photocopies, notes, books, establishment of a proper book bank, upgradation of the library, a good class schedule, flexible policies, strong management which actually knows what decision making is, a decent computer lab(no need to explain all that again) and so many other things.

    Lastly, for now, I don’t understand the way this attendance system works. What’s the point forcing students into the classroom when they don’t want to/feel like studying and you know they will only disrupt the class flow anyway. This way, students who actually want to study remain at loss!

  7. things werent that screwed up when abid was around.

    but we need to get ourselves heard, and quack isnt the most obvious way to do it. i think there should be a forum, in which students can at least discuss their problems with the management. it’s not just about ragging and event timings; in a lot of cases, its the academics that are at stake here.

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