12 Replies to “Rejected Constitution”

  1. What you sow is what you reap

    how is that applicable to plagiarism, and mere morals?

    let’s face it, our nation is left with no morals. Most parents rely on schools to teach them morals and the basics which are their responsibility. Any those who don’t even go to schools, may God show them mercy.

  2. Nowadays, we can’t just rely on our home teachings because this busy life has left our youth openly for media and other vulnerable things. In short, we need to teach our youth some basic lessons in our educational institutes as well to keep them CIVILIZED.

  3. i thing its not fair…. rules should be followed whatever its this is the nice step to maintain the disicipilain but there are rules which should not be there

  4. what you sow is what you reap….

    I still firmly believe in that!

    If you don’t give people the respect to make their own decisions then don’t expect them to honor your decisions. As in the case of the student hand book…

  5. But these rules are the ones that every student swore to abide by when each of them signed the TIP application form.

    And its an evolving document. Would have made sense if students had tried to develop a proposal to work towards a forum through which revisions could have been made democratic.

    If this copy was shred in mere frustration the student involved could have banged his head into the wall or run around in the ground plucking his hair or smoked an extra cigarette or sucked a lollipop.

    For all I know and care, this copy just fell victim to someones frustration and provided momentary relief.

  6. That I agree to but it just feels so much better to shed something that you don’t like… 😛

    But seriously I wonder why don’t we talk about this rag and start giving our opinions….

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