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So Miss Shaam as much as I hate to cope with people like you constantly moaning for no reason at all. I didn’t have time to waste on replying to your article but a lot of people came up to me and questioned your humor and requested me to clarify. You are beyond the boundaries of common sense, let me tell you because my comments weren’t supposed to be a personal attack on some one. Those were supposed to clarify the misconception you are trying to spread around regarding TISF as you yourself weren’t adjourned to be good enough to be a part of it.


1. Saiq, I will thank you if in future you realize while writing that other peoples’ time is also precious as it is extremely annoying to correct your English and typing mistakes! Which I have been kind enough to sift through so atleast my readers don’t have to go through the same torment twice.

I didn’t know that in this day and age, there still are people like you who always have a dictionary by their side to understand certain difficult words or consulting the MS Word Dictionary over and over again. The trauma of reading your article once is bad enough, let alone reading it again.

2. No, you seem to think quite wrong, it is not just there to fill up the article count; it speaks a popular opinion about the annual Day. You have the choice to bury your head in sand and pretend it wasn’t that bad for all I care. And as for wanting to be famous, by gods grace I am known to people I want to be known to. I am well versed in ways which could be employed to become famous and can choose between good and bad ones. No need for you to advise me. Thank you very much!

Talking of popular opinion , just check the poll on Quack. The opinions are divided despite your best efforts whether the event was good, average or poor. That alone should have been enough to prove you wrong. What’s this “gods grace” I mean look who was talking of typing mistakes. (First of all God always starts with a capital G, every muslim should know that). Won’t make a meal of it unlike you. You chose to write an article rather than posting comments, just to appear on the front page , kind a proves your utter desperation and would advice you to hold onto any respect that’s left (if any).

Yea! Was termination of the ‘battle of the bands’ a result of such split second decision? Do clarify your position on that. What is your side of the story?

“Battle of the Bands” required a big sponsor which could not be arranged. Although we were in negotiations with some broadcasters to get the sponsorship but didn’t work. Our budget sheet was posted on the notice board if you have any questions regarding why we didn’t arrange it ourselves or where was all the money spent?

3. I founded this book club; I run it along with my friends who have been part of it from the very start.

I know Miss Founder but I think in your greed you are forgetting Kamran and Ali Shahid who were the co-founders. Use the word “We” instead of “I”

4. Don’t brag as if you know why book club was formed who we cater to. In this semester alone, we put up two small events; one being the screening of the documentary “Loose Change” and other the book discussion on ‘In the Line of fire’. Both events met our estimated response from the student body. Referring to your figure of 20 or so, we don’t plan out events for the majority of TIP, they are targeted events for a small number of interested audiences, and anybody else is pleasantly welcome to attend. At least we don’t try to bore everyone to death!

No one is bragging you. You don’t need to tell me about the events of the Book Club because there are other members of the book club who are far more responsible and co-operative then you are. I have been in contact with them through out my tenure. The book discussion was a full month delayed then it was originally scheduled and you were the one who gave the date to us at the start of the semester. What poor management, you are letting your friends and the Book Club down.

5. No I don’t remember any such thing. Remind me. Do you have any proof to back up your claim, that you helped out ‘hapless’ book club. TISF has never been asked for any kind of help, no correspondence has been done through any TISF members. I have always coordinated with Mr Ali Hafeez and President TIP for book club events, and I don’t remember any of the TISF members ever did any running around for my book club event. Yes there was some confusion regarding because Ghazi saab was unavailable in those dates, so we had to adjust. I hope you are not referring towards quick words exchanged in the corridors( u don’t have to be a TISF member to give suggestions—merely giving suggestions is not sorting out our problems ) or moving chairs to empty lecture rooms, I must have missed out on that. So don’t go about trying to take credit for other peoples work. Organizing a big event? …small is beautiful. And I am good at it.

You call yourself a founder, what a joke and you don’t even know any thing. Kamran was in constant contact with us for the dates, not once but many times in the case of “IN THE LINE OF FIRE” … hats off to his endeavor and effort which made that event a realistic possibility. You yourself are admitting that you never tried to co-ordinate with the TISF which means you don’t consider your self to be a part of Students body then why the hell are you sticking your nose in the TISF events. The President of TIP issued a statement that the students should not directly contact him but should do so via TISF rather than directly going to his office but ironically you didn’t learn from your mistakes.

6. Meal out of nothing? Have you ever heard of the big bird called ‘ostrich’ she’s famous for some reason… by the way, one should appreciate nice things by and by, Storm in the tea cup, or tempest in the tea pot… I like the phrase.

Wow, I am surprised that you possess some humor as well

7. What s wrong if I were looking for a post? Were you not looking for a post as well? That hi fi system thing I said, you heard me over so much din? See that’s the whole point, I made myself heard, I convinced 60 people to vote for me, obviously an abysmally small number compared to my competitors. But whose care is it? I wasn’t the chosen one, fine with me. We are sick of such foul, meaning less and wrote learnt statements of admitting failure. Yes we have forgotten the basic aim of formation of TISF. Remind us, that’s the best time to throw the lights on and let us see what against we should judge you. We seem to have lost the track of it.

No one has admitted failure. That event was not a failure if not a success. Again the Quack poll proves that. If you don’t consider your self to be a part of TISF then you won’t be benefiting from any information I give but what is for sure is that if some one is not good enough for a post then he/she should not quit TISF because its for all 400 students to work for.

8. Doesn’t it sounds like “Jo bhi tha, bura he sahi, pur na honay sey to behtar hai!” was it really?

No, certainly not

9. You know you can’t complain about lack of participation after what TISF has done in case of ‘the battle of the bands’. Or tell us what had really happened? Don’t tell us you ran out of money, because if that were the reason battle of the bands should never have been thought of in the first place. Leave the book club alone, will you!

Thinking is the first step for doing any thing and as far as the leaving the Book Club alone then as I said there are far more co-operative and hard working friends of mine who are associated with the Book Club and if I can remember correctly then it was open for all who are interested. Get out of your shadow of narrow mindedness and stop moaning. Learn to accept defeat and to move forward from that. I still have nothing personal with you and won’t be replying to you to create episodes of fun for the audience neither have I got that much time because truth only needs to be spoken once. You must have heard that phrase “Action speaks louder than words do” so show every one that you have got what it takes by taking the BOOK CLUB rite up there. Am ready for any help which I know you won’t be requiring after all this massacre.

As Hariss said in the post comments: people shouldn’t be too proud of what they have, be it eloquence, good grammar, rage… or whatever…

talk about taking criticism to the extreme limit!… is it really meant to be this way?
I really dont know what people in TIP expect from each other… but is it really worth it?…
I fully agree with you haris but still wrote this article just to clarify and tell people what the truth is… can’t withstand any lies or false claims…. I won’t be replying again because as haris said it’s not worth it.

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  1. What is this mud-slinging? One is trying to show her eloquence and the other one is just being chauvinist. Take your personal grudges to some other forum.

  2. yes please take your personal feud to your respective mailboxes or something, this is turning into your personal rant box. faruqh’s reply was out of provocation yours is even sillier! lolZ

  3. ok… i havent been following up on this one properly so i won’t take any side…. but word of advice Saiq… often a good write-up or come-back in your case can become a drag by its length… and no i dont mean the D!rag which ive been using to humiliate D!… i mean the overstretched and boring wala drag…
    so next time… just to keep the readers interest… keep it short.

  4. nobody has to be ‘good enough’ to be part of TISF, coz lots of people who are good, were not and are not part of TISF, which doesnt necessarily mean its not good to be part of TISF…(I admit i wasnt ‘good enough’, thank God for that)
    to become part of TISF is another philosophy which is beyond me to comment on.( may b thats why poor me could never learn to become ‘good enough’)

    from my collection of ‘dictionaries’ which i keep by my side ALL the time, as saiq ‘rightly’ puts it…
    ‘if u step in mud, you would only get dirty’, may be it wasnt a good idea, coz all u d ever get is more filth and trash thrown on you.

  5. to name a few good people i know, Abid Omar, Aasim, and some good people who are and were part of TISF…Ali Hakeem, Arsalan Ahmed, Adil marvi, Ghazanfar
    there must be more to come on coz v need peopel to be part of TISF and there must be some that i have missed out on, my bad!

  6. What is this, a discussion of on Philosophy?! 😛

    Come on people why not work together to make a better TISF and stop complaining all the time!

    (Must act as the tool, according to Furhan!)

  7. What is this, a discussion on Philosophy?! 😛

    Come on people why not work together to make a better TISF and stop complaining all the time!

    (Must act as the tool, according to Furhan!)

  8. Seriously .. you guys … u’re just humoring ppl who read this forum and nothing else .. people already know what the current status of TISF is .. its a small community and word gets around .. so stop humiliating urself and act mature for crying out loud !

  9. You know what….

    This would make a great piece in the magazine.
    Since I already lack student material I’ll copy this entire battle and print it out with BLOW by BLOW details 😀

    In this corner, Former GS and Influential leader of D! The master of mastermind, the Party martyr…. Saiiiqqq Laaakhaaaanniiiii!!

    And the Challenger, She mean, She’s lean and She’s a WORD fighting Machine! Queen of the Nepotists, Sheba of the Literary….. Furrukh Shaaaaaammmmmm!!

    (Just Kidding :D)

  10. Actually, Ali, for once, you do make sense. Let’s pull it in the mag!

    And regarding something Arsalan’s been after in his writings lately, it would be interesting to know more about our university mens’ feeble attempts at establishing tiny, individual states within states in the recent years. What exactly are they, their purpose, their beginning, their achievements, and perhaps even their..You get the idea.

    There could even be a writeup on Quack or in the magazine about them, without of course naming any of them, in case they should get a false hint of being exalted. What do u think?

  11. hey arsalan I’d love to have been from D!
    Furhaan , u seem to be in quite a mood , I tell u … with all those ideas

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