Report of Community Service Project; SMILE

We live in a society which is crammed with so many problems that we can never imagine of, Pakistani society had always been the victim of social issues, religious issues, bad governance, poverty and lawlessness. Another important concern is the standard of living our people enjoy. Filthy streets to poor sewerage systems, most of the residence localities of Pakistan are in abstract conditions. These poor sanitary and sewerage conditions result in the birth of numerous diseases and infections. Hence, from infant children to aged people, every age group of our society is the victim of malaria, TB, AIDS, cancer and other malignant diseases. The sad thing is that a major part of our patients are children as well ranging from the ages of 2 years to 10 years.

Life is a gift and the importance of this gift was much more felt and realized when around 23 Rotaractors of Jinnah zone gathered at National Institute of Child Health Care (NICH), on the morning of 61st Independence Day of Pakistan, to distribute gifts to small children. A project which was planned and executed by Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP), turned into a fruitful one when a bunch of SMILES were seen on the faces of sick children and their needy parents. The project SMILE was mostly designed and executed by Ahmad A Rehman (director club services) with a strong helping hand of Rahim Jindani (VP-RC TIP) and all the members of RC-TIP. The funds for the project were collected from almost all the major clubs of Jinnah zone including Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, Karsaz, Karachi main and SZABIST. Moral support of Nida Yousuf (ZRR Jinnah zone) and Nayel Noorani was always with us throughout the project.

Event started with a gathering of around 15 Rotarctors at the house of Ahmed A Rehman at 8 am; on 14th of August. The true zeal and zest of all the participants were seen when they finished more than 400 packets within 2 hours. A delicious breakfast (halwa poori) was later served to all the Rotaractors to reimburse their energy for the final blast this breakfast turned into a wonderful opportunity for all of us to make new friends and acquaintances. Once again, the fellowship was on the urge after the all time successful Polio Plus Drive. The gift packets (specially made for small children) were composed of few candies, lollies, cakes and small toy cars. After the wrapping of around 6-7 cartons, the team departed for NICH at 11:15 am. All the Rotaractors were welcomed by some of the medical staff at NICH around 11:35 am. We remain outside the main building for around 45 minutes and in the mean time waited for few more participants who were to arrive directly at the spot. These 45 minutes of lingering around also encourage fellowship among the Rotaractors.

When every participant gathered then six teams, with each team escorted by a team leader, entered into separate wards of the hospital in order to equally distribute the gifts. We were almost made to cry when we reached the special ward of permanent cancer patients. The innocent faces of all those permanent cancer children patients who were unaware about their disease and life reminds us about the significance of health and the golden chance of life God has given us. It reminds us that how blessed we are that in this dynamic age of youth, we are healthy and free from every malady. We realized that the most critical part of any human life is initially the health. I was much more stunned when the mother of one small child kept asking me about the survival of his son who was the patient of blood cancer. I was left with no option but to keep encouraging and asking her to pray for his son and do not despair for “ALLAH does what he please”.

These SMILES of hope were finally dispersed by 6 energetic Rotaractors team within 45 minutes. In these 30-45 minutes, all the wards were successfully completed followed by the distribution of some remaining packets outside the main building. At around 1 PM, participants started leaving the place by appreciating and applauding the project. For me, this was the first 14th August which was celebrated in such a unique way. Really! It was a great way to celebrate our independence day with those who are in dire need of independence from these diseases and infections.

In the words of Ahmed (director club services); “I could not have done this project without the support of Rahim Jindani (VP), he has been the biggest support in the project from every area. Secondly, Rameez A Khan for writting the report and contributing his efforts and deligents to keep things moving and participation of all the girls also deserves an applause since coming from North Nazimabad was not an easy task. Maximum hours were only achieved in the project just because of the TIPians hard work. Special thanks to Ibad for showing up at the event since his mother was ill still he made it for the event”.

To conclude it, we would like to thank all the participants from every club who are responsible for the success of this community service project “smile” and hope to see the same zeal and passion in future for such projects that could bring smile on the faces of less fortunate and that could assist in lifting the Rotaract movement. May Allah keep giving us more and more courage to help mankind in the best possible method.

* All the TIPian Rotaractors will be glad to know that our project “SMILE” has gone up to Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML).

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  1. great reporting =)
    and ahmed its not dat difficult cuming from north nazimabad, da way u make it sound :p
    I must say the project was an amazing experience and secondly it was our independence day therefore it added all da more zeal and fervor.

  2. excellent work rameez, you are truely one valuable asset to rotaract club of tip.

    very well written buddy and thank you for quoting my words. i guess i am left with nothing to say. except for congratulation to rotaract club of tip for the huge success of its first community service project “SMILE”.

    Intiative was taken by me but was in the end lead by the whole club. therefore, hats of to you guys keep up the good work and dont loose that confidence, zeal and intoxication in order to bring an immense change in this world through our deligence, and hardwork.


  3. It was an awesome movement, though it hurt to see those ailing children at NICH suffering from cancer and other malicious diseases. however,this visit did made me proud to be a rotaractor since, we brough up a smile on the faces of less fortunate and spend some quality time with them to overcome their fear that they are here in this world for few days.

    I must admit for the very first time in my life i have been part of this noble cause specially on the auspicious day of independence day of Pakistan and all the credit goes to AHMAD.A.REHMAN his handwork determination made it all possible. thank you for making me the part of this noble cause.

    its nice to see that ROTARACT CLUB OF TIP is progressing from the stage of infancy.



  4. I belive we can make a difference and i am proud that we made that difference sounded…. I hope that in the year ahead we will do such projects that shall make smile on thousands of people… ad we will try to make sure that those smiles remain there with them for the rest of thier lives …

  5. Thank you all for liking the report!

    The project was really amazing. Just after the reinvention of Rotaract TIP, executing a zonal project was never easy. The credit goes to Ahmed who made this 14th August a memorable day for us which we will always remember. How can I forget those permenant cancer children patients. May God save them from this disease..

    Hats off to all you Rotaractors of TIP! Here I would like to quote a quotation which fits exactly for our project ‘SMILE’:

    “Do what you can, with what you have and where you are”

    I would also like to invite all the TIPians to be a part of Rotaract. This is a great experience for me and my fellows. Atleast, now we all feel proud that we have done something good for the humanity.

    Enjoy Rotaract!

  6. Congratulations !! to all the TIP Rotractors for the success of their project “Smile” n best of luck for their future projetcs….

  7. Not only was this a wonderful humanitarian effort it also showed that many young people prefer to spend the National day improving their society, rather than wasting it. Keep up the good work! Hopefully Rotaract will continue with such projects throughout the year, and InshaAllah they’ll be as successful as this one.

  8. NicEeeee woRk….POjECt WaZ aMaZIng.Nd Gr8 eXPeriEnCE 4 Me….
    bst ov luCk 4 nxt PrOjEctz…!

  9. excellent work.
    good experience for me…i hvnt done this type of activtiy of luck for future projects.

  10. Seriously very nice work, if you guys needs any more programs like these i suggest that you get in touch with Mr. Shujaat Alavi, former faculty of TIP, he’s the country manager at Novozymes and they’re looking to start mentor ship program for underprivileged kids.

  11. ahaan right i think we can have joint project with mentorship program. anyways ali can i get his no if you have it?

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