Requiem for the friends who’ve left us

by Arsalan Malik (TS 2b)

I write this article in memory of seniors who have graduated from TIP and those who have been expelled through a very cruel system of TIP. In my one year here I have found the system of TIP very disheartening. The question is why TIP take such students which cannot exist in this system. They waste their money which directly exerts pressure on their parents, along with wondering what their future now holds for them.

I can’t help thinking about my seniors, and our friends who will not continue with us. We enjoyed picnics and played games with them but now they are not among us. And the following years will be incomplete without them. Not in the next years, we will never be this close again. The time we shared, these past few months, has been the best time of my life! We shared some laughs, we shared some tears. These joys we shared will last throughout our years! Sharing these feelings and letting them go made us closer everyday

And now as those times are over, I want to say that your dreams will come true. And listen, all successful men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work everyday toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose that will make their life. Do not lose hope. It is a recognizably admitted fact that the people who get on in this world are the people who stand up and look for the circumstances they want. If they cannot find them, they make them. My each and every sincere wish is with you, my friends. All your dreams will come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. InshAllah God Almighty will open the doors of many blessings to make you reach the zenith of your destination. And May God bless our seniors with the best possible opportunities so that they should better represent our Institute. We will really miss you all.

In the end, thanks for those special moment that you have shared with me. It really made me feel good and it made my time in TIP worthwhile.

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  1. me too feels the same for all those who left us!

    no student is a bad student.Every student can survive in TIP by just studying a little.It is his/her fault that he/she is expelled from the university because of bad GAP.Every student is worthfull for our country and expelling one mind from university means great loss.

  2. in some cases expulsion is good. and it’s not like the students don’t get warnings… if you can’t make the grade it’s your fault.

  3. well i belive that in TIP it is very easy to secure a minimum of 2 GPA….. i dont know how ppl fail to maintain this GPA, may be they dont put enough efforts to get that GPA. As far as giving admissions to those students who cant survive at TIP is concerned, so it is not the fault of management. Those students who pass the admission criteria of TIP gets in, out of those some secure 4 GPA and some even fail to secure 2 atleast….. for this u cant blame the management…….

  4. blaming the management for the sake of blaming anybody isn’t really logical, or fair, furhan.

  5. well truth is no body is expelled from TIP because he/she cannot handle the studies, if someone has passed the admission test, it simply means he/she can handle the studies!

  6. management sets that admission criteria but that criteria is equal for both, one who fails and one who gets 4 GPA, so for those who fail u cant blame the management but urself………
    i hope u got ur answer, furhan ??????

  7. @ furhan

    if one gets F grade in a course, who should be blamed, the management or the student himself????

    answer it wisely because this will be the elaborated answer of ur *COUNTER*

  8. Admission test results are no prediction of your performance during the course of your studies.

    Assuming that the student is not completely useless, and fails a course, it is a reflection on the faculty of not being able to transfer information fully. However, a large part of many exams is being able to pass the exam itself (and not master the subject-matter), and in this case the blame lies squarely on the student.

  9. lol, billu you make a casual english word sound like a war, or perhaps you translated it as one. I merely suggested that the admission criterion that the management has set isn’t very amazing, and anyone can pass it. I have always said that the admission test is very simple, and the management can always sift students through it in the beginning, instead of having so many students drop out in their first and second years when they’ve wasted a considerable amount of their time and money.

  10. acha filmy article tha 😛

    if anyone gets offended by this….please keep your comments to yourself…..

  11. i did not make the word sound like a war but the word *Counter* itself defines as that ….. u might not have used it for that but yes i had translated it as one…… nevermind 😛

    furhan, now u speak more clear… yes, the admission test is very simple…… for this def. maganement can do something…..

    but as Abid said,”Admission test results are no prediction of your performance during the course of your studies”.”
    i agree to this because the admission test of NUST is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy difficult and those who pass the test also fail the courses there…….. so, i think we must not discuss this article any more… those who are staying at TIP in this semester wish them luck and those who left us wish them thier best luck 🙂

  12. about expelling of students i can only say that.. students here in TIP believes more in TC rather studies… i hv saw many examples of tip students.. who hardly maintain 2GPA but the teacher who is unaware of his previous results thinks nor believes if him as good student..! till he got knows who is who!!!
    and for this thing our seniors are also must be when we entered tip every one jus saying as tips to us tht if u any prob to handle any teacher come contact us… we will let u know how to butter tht teacehr up!! so it do spoils many freshies’s barins!

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