Re:Rebellion for Dummies (Read Wannabe Rebels)

By Farrukh Sham

By an anonymous but regular author of Quack!
I don’t know what the author is trying to qualify for?

Cause you never know how the administration would react!
So scared a dear old Tipian and yet wishes to be Martin Luther King of TIP by voicing opinion of the masses… (I must not roll my eyes!)

Here’s a surefire way to make sure that you have a rebellion…

Oh, really!
Break every tradition in the book and make sure that the students are publicly humiliated. How? (Um I Dunno, Like Ban Ragging!)

I think it was about time we made a decision about how we want to be known as an institution and as individuals. And would u care to mention any ‘public humiliation incident’ that took place after the ban??? In fact from what I have heard and observed some first year students, taking advantage of the favor given to them, have become insolent and rude towards the seniors. So you see the Ganga is flowing the other way now!

Increase the Fee of the Hostel …. No room for 50 students in a hostel that can accommodate over 150. Makes Sense.)

You seem to make a point here though I have heard that karachites have now been allowed to use the dorms.

Hire Surly Bus Drivers who ………Talk to the president this is not our problem.”)
Big deal! Buy your own mp3 player and listen to whatever u want hear. I don’t fathom what this has to do with the current regime because this is not happening for the first time. These behaviors are dependent on the moods of the drivers. I remember being driven to the campus by a Bus Driver who would sometimes refuse to notice me standing at the stop waiting for the point and would drive right past me. Take precious time of the TISF Activities for Long Boring Lectures That No one even wants to hear. (Except maybe the President Himself!)

Students at institutes like IBA and LUMS have always been inflicted with this ‘torture’ (Intellectual stimulation in my view); never heard of a mutiny breaking out. That may be one reason behind their grooming.

Censor and cross check everything the students do so that it’s reminded constantly that they are being watched! (Like Banning the Music Video in the Freshman Gala!)

What were the contents of that video, I wonder? Those who are being watched would have to be a lot less stupid then they actually are! (Or in other words do what you want but don’t get caught!

Putting the squeeze on the students by increasing their work load by 2 folds!
Honestly! Just can’t help rolling my eyes now though the above line can also be read as follows:
Asking the students to write their assignments themselves and penalizing them if they don’t conform (I hope they do). Or giving out weird kind of field or Lab work which can’t be copied from the internet and the assignments borrowed form the seniors all go wasted.

Invite every kind of guest speaker a……about how DEMOCRATIC the Institute is ……… “I have a very open door policy!” Umm what good is that when you’ve already made up your mind?! )
Quack is still running (I hope it continues to)… and no one from the faculty or the management can filter its contents or censor stuff… that’s some freedom. The right to evaluate a teacher; accept or reject him considering his teaching competence and the right to have him replaced is a lot more freedom. There is always room for improvement on this when u prove yourself worthy of such freedoms.

I am with u on that!

The anger and discontent will be so venomous…
I am now in my third year at TIP and in my experience most of the Tipians can’t do a thing even to save their own lives, let alone revolt! And even if we see some thing that could be classified loosely as revolt ; they are disconnected and scattered tiny combustions of personal frustration or short comings which end up in the hands of the disciplinary committee and the ‘mutineers’ are found scurrying left, right and front.

The freshmen will leave without even having a reason, except maybe to go an institute which isn’t as stifling and, Oh soooo far away from Karachi!

Will you do all of us some favor and bring up any sensible first year student or a group of students who want to leave TIP on the grounds mentioned in your article or who want to join hands in the ‘mutiny’ led by you? Preferably not the likes of Nawaz Sharifs and Benazir Bhuttos! (Give us a break)

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  1. She is goin to get concession in fee, Management loves ur type of feelingless dead soul. I think u forgot to mention some lines IMPORTANT LINES LIKE;

    1. i love u management gimme discount and i ll defend all ur weak areas.

    2. We dont care about the money our parents are investing on us.

    3. We are fine if management decides to teach us on road.

    4. I love u management, i m jus selfish soul, so jus gimme reward and everthin is fine.

    Am so Rude :$

  2. oh i have a life; i have better things to love than TIP management.. thank you very much!

    and by the way next time dont try to be too quick at becoming witty because u seem to be mediocre at best! (like naming ur self as Managemnt discount holder while calling me the same…have some guts to own ur opinion!)

  3. No No Sham, i can understand ur feelings, am management discount holder too, My GPA is quite high, hopefully tumhara bhi ho ga :p. Lets not talk abt reason and jus love the management.

    We dun care if sumone got courage to raise his or her voice against WEAK and DEBATEABLE areas of TIP management, coz all we (u n me) care is concession in fee and good grades. NO?

    So who cares, if 95% students of TIP are shouting about problems, let dem do it, we cant afford many shareholders in our discount scheme. :p And yes we [u n me) love management.

  4. …My GPA is quite high, hopefully tumhara bhi ho ga :p. Lets not talk abt reason and jus love the management.

    no need to stereotype me!thanks again

    coz all we (u n me) care is concession in fee and good grades. NO?

    NO.thats last thing on my mind and seems to be first on yours.( still u dont have a name!)

    if 95% students of TIP are shouting about problems, let dem do it, we cant afford many shareholders in our discount scheme. :p And yes we [u n me) love management.

    the major problem of 95% of TIP is related to the hostel which i totally support and would shout my throat dry with all of them. and the remaining 5% of TIP is shouting about problems which are not considered ‘problems’ by the majority. like the managemnt discipline hasnt been offered any elective courses in the fourth year or that we have been deprived of such crucial courses as Finance and product development. these surelly dont qualify as ‘issues’ ijn your view or do they?>

  5. Whatt????:O

    They’re not offering 4th year business management students ANY electives???? How can that be possible? The prospective has a whole list of elective subjects for 7th and 8th semester. How can they back out of this? are they butchers???

    I’m SO out of this hell hole!

  6. Dude before jumping out of the hell hole try and look into why it is the way it is and how you can change that by the time you get to your final year.

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