Romance goes Red


TISF did it again! A beautiful and ornate event organized by TISF in the designing block with lots of flowers, balloons, buntings, different hangings and the designer ralliii that enhanced the compound and portrayed the true essence of the day. The fountain was decorated with red balloons, rose petals and the red blood water added more beauty.

It was attended by majority of the present student body but our Texperts did not miss the event. Their commitment to TIP is commendable. The air was filled not only with the scent of roses but also french fries, blaring music and the splashing water of the fountain. The lovers fully availed the chance. Almost every girl had either a pink, red or yellow rose in her hand. Who got the white ones? But 26 girls definitely had one. The veggie dedication and the stall with jelly cups were a new ideas and were appreciated by people. Anonymous dedications were common and a few even proposed with flowers and chocolates.

The theme was followed by not only girls but some boys’ t-shirts and kurtas in red, pink, and maroon (colors close to red) were also seen. Over all, it was an event enjoyed and celebrated by all.getattachment20getattachment191

7 Replies to “Romance goes Red”

  1. yes, definitely it was very enjoyable day for everyone. I congratulate TISF on arranging this wonderful event.

  2. Thumbs up!!!! for TISF… An extraordinary event organized by TISF in collaboration with Designers… Shumaila, very true the event portrayed the true essence of the day. And yes, I dont know about others but 26 surely had one in their hands.

  3. tISF DID a commendable job….kia bat hai.there hardwork really paid off…the ambience rocked!!!!!GUD JOB PPL!!!

  4. Suppperrbbbb……!!!!! hats off to TISF,,,,and other ppl who actually made this event beautiful..
    TISF always cooperate with each other to maintain their standard and gudwork….
    It can also b seen by songs dedication……by president of TISF to other members…..;p

  5. cudnt help but admire the bloody red pool of water specially…hats of too the idea of placing a red color leaking heart over the fountain..;)…

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