Romeo meets Heer at TIP (FINALLY)!

“ Hey, does anyone know how to tie a paraandah!”

“Yaar, where are my shoes?”

“ Hurry up, loser! Kya pura din lu ge just to press ur clothes, there r like ten people waiting for the iron!!!”

“Yaar jaldi karo, everyone is waiting outside, it’s too late now. Chaar ghantu se tum taiyar he hu rahi hu!”


These are some of the very common statements, which roamed around in the corridors of the hostels on the evening of 8th November 2007, Thursday. The night when a sort of exhilaration, excitement and ecstasy arose in the hearts and minds of some selective people, the youth that would be enhancing (INSHALLAH) the textile industry of Pakistan in near future. People started to run towards the hostels just to fulfill their wish to follow the theme, some busy with their preparations for the event and some just there to overlook things (according to them). Sounds all too familiar, yeah that’s right it’s C.A.R.N.I.V.A.L 2007 of TIP.

Being the first carnival for the freshies, things went a little haphazardly for us although without any doubt we enjoyed the event, thanks to Sir Ali Hafeez, all the members of TISF and everybody else who really worked hard to bring out the best on the carnival and to make it some solid fun evening for others. So thank you people very much!

The theme was awesome especially for the gals, desi punjabi made the whole event really colorful and thrilling. Even the guys looked like as if they had stepped out from some John Wayne cowboy movies, such as ‘The Dawn Rider’. Everything was great, the stalls, dedications, jail, music and da food but I think it was a little tacky, I don’t mean to criticize anything but that’s the way I felt, it should hav been more spacious, but never mind we all had fun and that’s what everyone wants in the end. My friends and me literally enjoyed dressing up, and you guys won’t believe how much we spent on our accessories, and please do us a favour don’t bother to ask, please!

Thank you so much everybody once again for making the carnival a memorable event, a memory that would be cherished forever despite all the mishaps!


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  1. No doubt about the success of carnival ,, it was really awsome and we all enjoyed it alot,,, the best part of the carnival was that u dont need to introduce the theme to a visitor or guest as anyone can clearly guess from the outlook,,, its really in a true cowboy style,,, but the thing i missed on the outlook was for the desi’s?? for dssi’s only the gals from the TDT-1 put some effort in this regard by bringing a donkey ride there to fill the place with some desi stuff,,,

    as per best dress for cowboy and desi i think the awards should be given to:

    Arsalan (for cowboy)

    Amna Khan & Maryam (for desi)

  2. GOD dose dilogues were on our heads..!! next time no hostel ka scene lol.. but anyway we did miss Hasiq’s performance..but neve mind this was the fisrt time .. this happens. Ye we really had fun every one commentted us.. tht 4 ghantey ki mehnat dekh rahi hai.. :p but really had fun though..we will always remember this ‘YOO TO TIP’ to make this carnival successful! 😉

  3. well the same thing wz happenin at the boys hostel .. lol .. anyways i just had one problem.. i really thought that amna should hv won the award for the best dress up thinggy.. thumbs up girl ! 😉

  4. i totally agree in the boys hostel it was the same. the iron room was full i believe we do need another iron for sure as every one was in the iron room waiting for others to iron and yes the dress issue which was raised up by the hostelite hahaa ” is this dress perfect, no man better change” hahaha, anyways this was the only event in the history of tip which i believe is worth remembering for the first years and the other years. another awesome memory to be added in one book of anecdote.

  5. Good article have excellent writting capabilities..keep it up!

    As I have already mentioned in my article that the exciting theme was the main gist of the event.I was there in the last carnival but unfortunately that energy and excitement to dress up as best as one can was surely missing…

    I think this time the price money for the best get up has also contributed to this gr8 event…

  6. yaar i hate dat i was late, my group would have been nominated for da best dress-up… and da winner could have been from one of us, but anyway no more crying over spilt milk, da thing is v all had an awesome time and some real fun evening, and im always gonna remember it forever!!! and yes zahabi, no more hostel scene next time, oh god it was terrible, it takes around 30 or 35 minutes to get dressed up at home but it almost took 4 hours at da hostel. but v had a great time all in all!!!

  7. Hey Amna!u have written very well…Carnival was very awsome and we really had fun…its true that only TDT-1 put their efforts for the carnival (desi) theme.i think TISF should also have given sum reward for the individual discipline as well.i mean which discipline followed the theme trumendously.Organizers should have waited till the end,they should hold the nomination and then decided who was looking the best.

  8. superb article!!! especially the sketch drown of fuss occur in hostel before strating of every other event in campus…long queues for iron, washrooms, n unluckily if
    someone somehow get hold of ur shampoo or hair Gel…lollzz, you considered lucky if u found empty bottle of ur dear product again…lollzzz…reminds me some of the beautiful moments of ma life…really missing those dayz…..newayz,
    well done TISF n whoeva the part of organizing commitee, n thanks for let us(Texperts) be the part of this beautiful event…

  9. stupefied ……… i thought u r fuddy-duddy type person but ……,,,,,,,marvelous loooza ,n am happy 2 c u again gud

  10. thnx guys .. for appreciating the show .. (our efforts have been paid off 😀 )…seriously !

    next tym ..we ll (tisf) try to do better den dis …

    thnx 1ce again !

  11. carnival was awesome………………….
    jail was gud as well ;)……………. but sum ppl started cryng over dere 😛 tch tch…………………………………

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