Rotaract District Assembly South Zone 2008-09 — A Review

Nawabshah is a city which is usually neglected for bigger events, conferences and gatherings. Situated at nearly 2 hours drive from Hyderabad, the city portrays the beautiful traditions of Sindh with their hospitable and caring people. Rotaract club, a part of Rotary club, is basically a funding organization which performs various community services and donates funds to various other organizations. Rotaract Pakistan represents the younger Pakistani generation and also provides them with the opportunity to help poor people. The motto of Rotaract reads as “fellowship through service”. Hence Rotaract is not just about the services, it also believes in making friends and finding new people from different walks of life.

Rotaract district assembly, an event which is organized once a year, was held at Hotel Sukoon Nawabshah on 28th June, 2008. Rotaract clubs of Nawabshah, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhaas and all the clubs of Karachi participated in the event. The two day event featured some presentations and lectures followed by dinner and a musical programme. The participating clubs of Jinnah zone includes Rotaract clubs of Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, Karsaz, TIP, SZABIST and most importantly Ide Reu (an institution for special youngsters). Long time after and the newly reinvented Rotaract club of TIP also featured with its two participants. The director club services and a member were the two from TIP. Escorted by Nida Yousuf and Shehrayar Qureshi, the coaster for Jinnah zone departed from Boat Basin Karachi carrying around 25 Rotaractors. The whole 4 hour journey turned into an amazing one when Shehrayar Qureshi started playing ‘Antakshari’. Later music, cards and a stop at dhabba for break, make the whole journey different from the normal. We reached Nawabshah at around 4 PM and enjoyed the lunch at Hotel Sukoon. After that, we went to our respective hotel rooms and started preparing for the grand event.

The registration started around 6:30 PM with a welcome Hi-Tea. The formal programme initiated with the fateha by Rtr. Saeed Ahmed followed by National Anthem. Welcome address was given by Rtr. Syed Ali Kazmi followed by an address by DRR 2007-08, Rtr. Usman Sidduiqui. The planning of new Rotaract year and district council announcement was given by PP. Rtr. Muhammad Yousuf Choudhry. He also distributed the badges to the new council. Another important lecture was from the PP. Rtr. Arif Sidduiqui (DRRN 2009-10) who highlighted the responsibilities of club director’s and committee’s chairmen and later the responsibilities of club presidents were cleared out from PP. Rtr. Bilal Fazil ADRR (South) 2008-09.

A very fundamental and necessary lecture was given by Rtr. Nida Yousuf (ZRR Jinnah zone) on the responsibilities of club secretaries, importance of being a Rotaractor and plan for the coming Rotaract year. Importance of Regular club meetings and attendance was told by Rtr. Rao Al-Sufyan (ZRR Bhittai zone). One critical thing was that many of us were unaware about the true meaning of Rotaract which was cleared out by PP. Rtr. Natash Ali Main who presided a bit lengthy session and asked audience about the true meaning of Rotaract. The main weaknesses of Rotaractors were also pointed out followed by an interactive session. A former Rotaractor and also the co-coordinator of Rotaract TIP, MR. Ali Hafeez, electrified the event with his motivating words. The concluding remarks were given by District Rotaract Chairman 2008-09 PDRR. Rtr. Jalil Ahmed Malik.

No event can leave its mark without any entertainment. The mango party ended the first part of the assembly on a good note. Later, we all moved to a different open location for dinner called LAL KILLA where a musical felicitation ceremony and a entertain night was organized by Rtr.Sufyan. The second part of the district assembly featured few other speeches and also the introduction of all the clubs present. The long awaited dinner opened at about 11 PM followed by an exhilarating concert. Local Hyderabad performers looted the event with their amazing musical performances. A local underground musical band ‘Signature’ was the main performer of the event. Moreover, some excellent comedy skits and dance performances leave audiences with nothing than to applaud and last but not least a very talented singer exhibit his talent of singing in lata the renown female tenor singer’s voice named as ANWAR LATA left the crowd completely stunned and speechless.

Finally we came to the end of our show which was in Hotel Sukoon a stay for the night. To be honest we didn’t expected the hotel to be so comfortable and air condition and we must appreciate the way of assigning the clubs to the hotels room since, the room besides our room was given to the cosmopolitan club and we were staying with the Rotaract club of SZABIST. Therefore, even there fellowship was on the peak. we had our best time over there the whole night, was spend by playing cards and figuring out the trick behind Taimoor’s magical tricks. Nevertheless we were really tired after a long drive from Karachi to nawabshah but, still we stay wake for the whole night to set this day as our most memorable once. As far as morning was concerned, we were served with scrumptious break feast as every person would in every break feast then again planned by Rot.Sufyan for which he deserves adulation from all clubs.

Rotaract, which is a sub part of Rotary international, is a forum where one can not only help mankind through community services but also find new acquaintances and friends. It is something which provides professional and personal development to every Rotaractor and is also a great place for young people who want to boost their confidence. Each and every Rotaractor is different from a normal person because of his/her confidence and the spark to help mankind. We request every person, who is reading this article, to be a part of Rotaract since it will give you everything; from personality development to internal satisfaction with its variety of community services.

To conclude our report, we would like to say that the visit to Nawabshah for the district assembly surely was a great experience and will carried a wonderful unmemorable and timeless memoires with us in our hearts. Since, through this event we all got to know each other in other words fellowship was encouraged through this assembly which is the motive of Rotaract in terms of different clubs. Therefore from RAMEEZ AHMAD KHAN and AHMAD.A.REHMAND (DIRECTOR CLUB SERVICES) side we would like to congratulate the Rotaract club of Nawabshah for conducting such a spectacular and successful event. This event sure did add another block of unmemorable anecdote to the to the books of our life, thank you very much. Here, we would also like to mention about the absence of the main leadership of Rotaract TIP including the President, General Secretary and treasurer. It is no doubt a point to worry about. If Rotaract club of TIP has to survive than the whole BOD (atleast the president and GS) must show up in these kind of events or we have the other way around.

Best of luck for future and hope to look forward to such event in near future. Hats off to you all and a job well done we all enjoyed a lot

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