Rotaract Polio Immunization Drive – July 2008

Like the first drop of rain that brings about a smile on a farmer’s face and that changes his life, the same feeling was seen in the eyes of the inhabitants of Machhar colony and Shireen Jinnah colony when those two drops of OPV were given to the little stars we have on earth.

The polio drive started on the 1st of July 2008 and ended on the 5th. The enthusiasm and the level of energy shown by the rotaractors were simply amazing. Although I was there only on the 4th of July, unfortunately I couldn’t come on the last day, but still, I was convinced that everyone over there was with the purest of intentions at heart and was willing to make difference in the lives of our people. There were members from various clubs since it was a joint club activity, rotaractors from the Cosmopolitan, Karsaz, TIP, Metropolitan, Szabist, Karachi Main and others participated with fervor and zeal.

We all gave our best shot to vaccinate every other child in every other house in that area. Our consistent diligence and hard work help us all to achieve our target, though this time it was a tough challenge for all of us all since, the area was much wide then machar colony and every alley compose of 2 or 3 sub alleys which was very confusing, as we all weren’t familiar with the place and direction, however through our team coordination we all were able to overcome this obstacle.

On the other hand, in some of the houses we did find some difficulties to vaccinate the kids residing in that house since, their parents had this idea that polio drops are detrimental for their kids but, we went into their houses and provide them the proper knowledge regarding polio drops. In some of the houses parents slam their door on our faces but, as we are total fanatics we didn’t quit and we kept on knocking their doors to convince them to get their children vaccinated and so we did without thinking of the benefit drive from conducting this polio campaign and the risk involve in convincing the some aggressive tribes residing in that area.

As it’s an old saying,


The residents of Shireen Jinnah Colony lived in state of total mess, pollution, open manholes at every corner, animals in the midst of the heap of trash and garbage, children running bare feet, things in which we cannot survive, but still all the members showed the will to go on further and to vaccinate every child, check each house and chalk it down.

We moved from house to house, door to door and from turnings to other turnings in search of children under five years of age. Just a smile of these children made me realize that what the true colours of life are. People were so caring that they wanted us to come inside and have lunch with them, this made me feel really proud of our nation, that in the darkest of times, no matter you don’t have a fan over your head or a supply of fresh clean water, they still remember the basics of humanity and were willing to share whatsoever little they have.

To conclude my report, I would like to say it was an amazing experience working with you all; this project not only encourage fellowship among other club members but also gave us the opportunity of saving the lives of many children, giving them a change to live a life free of polio disease. I would like to congratulate each and every club; METROPOLITAN, KARSAZ, TIP, COSMOPOLITAN SZABIST AND KARACHI MAIN, for being of this noble cause and would like to wish all the best to everyone for the future. All the participating TIPians Ahmad A Rehman, Rameez Ahmed Khan, Mohsin Ali Meghani, Rahim Jindani, Saad Talat, Ibad and Fizza; all these people deserves an applaud as well. I hope we continue with the same passion and are able to change the world we live in for ourselves and for others.



Director PD
Rotaract TIP.

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  1. Nice article!
    The real satisfaction is what u get 4m the smile of the child that u vaccinated with polio drops.

  2. ibad very true though she just got a certificate but to be honest her dedication actually saved the life of so many children and just becuz of her many children got a new life line. since, she was the one who went inside every house to vacinate every child .. so congrats gal and once again i would say you should be proud of yourself for what you did.

  3. acha ppl along with amna i like to thank rameez as well for being a part of this noble cause and others who participated so hats of to all of you.

    and rameez a job wel done for uploading both the of the report and the pics.

  4. great joB amNa!!
    well i think this report helps TIPians to participate willingly for such noble causes…

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