Gwadar: Sand really is being converted into gold

By Adnan Malik (TS1B)

On Friday, 16 February, I went to Gwadar with my Father by road. It was a startling journey, when I saw that there was no petrol station from zero point to Gwadar (where Gwadar is 650 km away). It was great luck that we were on a Prado, which was most suitable for this journey, otherwise we saw many cars which were coming back and their engines over heated because water was not available for cooling down the Engines. There was no traffic on the road and obviously the road was very good. We saw many Islands and we were praising God Almighty for blessing Pakistan with such wonderful sights and big mountains of sand.

Pakistan has given a contract of Forty years to the Government of Singapore for the development of Gwadar. After 23rd March, 2007 port is opened for ships and very heavy Ships can stay at the port due to its depth. Pakistan through networking of roads is linking Gwadar with Karachi and the north to enable the Central Asian States to use Gwadar as a port for their trade. Water supply is being improved, seven jetties are being constructed and local fishermen are being given motor engine run boats. The local hospital is also being upgraded.

Gwadar Airport is also being reconstructed and the Omanian government has offered large sums of money to increase the Runway of Gwadar. Gwadar is strategically linked with three increasingly important regions of the world, the oil rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia and resource rich Central Asia. It would be like a Corridor for these three regions. We also visited Pearl continental hotel Gwadar, Which has been constructed on the top of the famous Mountain, from where we can View the whole of Gwadar. Many Housing Projects have also started and Land there is very expensive.

In short Gwadar is the world of Heaven like Islands of Gulf Countries. Lush Cars and Grand Buildings like the huge Sky-scrappers of European Countries is the proposed plan of Gwadar, still there is no any registered car in Gwadar. But when the port will open for the ships to unload their goods the custom duty on cars will be significantly decreased.

Gwadar is a Deep sea port, it’s growth will be unpredictable but it will be a miracle city that is surrounded by deep sea, a strip of sand being converted to gold.

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  1. Yes thank you!!! First year who wrote something!! Joy to the world, our new writer is here!

  2. And its so nice to read something optimistic about Pakistan. or anything, for that matter. i hope everything you’ve written abut this ‘miracle city’ will come true, adnan.

  3. Nice writing Adnan!!!!

    it’s gr8 2 see actualy tht atleast someone loves Pakistan and its people!!!!

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