Second Year Students Ignored for TA jobs

Don’t know the reason, but all the applications for TA jobs from the second years was turned down except those for the computer lab and the library. Anyone who knows the reason can comment on this topic and tell the rest of us. Anyways it is encouraging to see that the administration has provided so many jobs.

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  1. I know the reason!!! See..when the TAship was first introduced by Mr. Shakel ahmad and company it was then decided that it will only be awarded to the final yr and third yr students..reason being TAs are meantto assis the teachers and even going all the way , checking some exam papers. For that you have to be technically sound and well versed in the subject which you only can be when you have crossed ur foundation years’ barrier. so when TA is appointed, he is appointed over the first yrs and second years.
    asfar as TAs for library and Comp Lab..well the TAs dont need to know much of technical stuff in handling that kind of job!!! I guess well understood this hard and youll be a TA too..
    Being a TA counts alot on yr CV..i never was cuz my GPA very rearly crossed the 2 GPA mark!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Last year, Arafat Tahir, then in second year, was TA for Rukshanda Shah’s MATH 202 class. So it it possible for SY’s to be TA, they just got to know their subject well.

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