Second Years Cheer Up – You Lost, So What

The football championship held on 26th September 2003 will be remembered by every Tipian and especially the second years. The grand finale of the tournament was held between Real Bandits (Second Years) and Samina Ki Guriya (Third Years).

A few people say that the Real Bandits, comprising of Mazhar, Hassan, Hammad, Fahad, Farhan, Faheem, Waqas, Samran, Hasham, Rizwan, Anus, Masood and Aftab, lost the tournament because they were tired and they also had a lot of yellow and red cards on their side. But one will have to admit that the strategy and planning of the third years was outstanding. They had Sheryar, Moeed and Arafat on the attacking position and they were shooting the ball with immense power but the efforts of other team members can not be denied.

After two goals being scored by the 3rd years in the first half of the match everybody thought that they have won the tournament. But the 2nd years did not give up they were still striving hard. Samina Ki Guriya kept shooting the ball at full tilt and all the efforts of second years ended in smoke.

For second years I would just say that it is an honour for them that they reached the finals after defeating a lot of teams. And sometimes winning isn’t everything.

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  1. the comments of mazhar majeed wz quite right for 3rd year…really they played very stragetically…but unfortunately…before the begning of final…our bad time was going on…our team captian Hammad Hassan got red card….& half a dosen of our players left campus before the starting of match….& then in 2nd half…our most efficient player Waqas Saultan waz seriouly injured & his ear start bleeding…so he have to left the match in the begning of the 2nd half..
    anywaz…nice played 3rd year….CONGRTULATIONS….

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to 3rd yr…they really played well…but it is an honour for 2nd yr that they reached in final..may be some other time..
    but well done 2nd yr…my best wishes are with you.

  3. 2Y really tried their best but it was moid of 3Y who was the man of the match plus they had a good strategy . 2Y don’t worry cricket tournament is comming!!!

  4. Well, 2nd year and 3rd year did very nice ofcourse but y forget the 1st year( Red Devils i.e TS-1-B)?? they did beat the 4th years and were on the 3rd place. I think they need a bit practice and a new strategy, by the way they are thinking of a rematch with the 2nd year and they r also making a Kirkit team now.

  5. u can if u wanna… n yeah it doz make a good fire…but it wont look good if u use it on the this site as v wanna make the environment of this site clean (not like the 1 on tipmasala).

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