Segregated Weddings and… Lunch Rooms???

Coming from a community in which every gathering is segregated, one might find it surprising that I personally dislike the whole idea of ‘segregation’. There might be some who would see this as a psychological rebound… you know the kind that happens with children… tell them not to do somethings and the little buggers still do it! But honestly, how will one be able to find a suitable mate otherwise?

And being the spoilt brat that I am, I eventually do find myself in the ‘forbidden territory’ on any segregated wedding. And to tell you the truth, it’s quite an experience. Pretty clothes, pretty colors, pretty girls, a bride who’s almost about to wet her pants… oh i mean her gharara! Have I ever told you that the sound of girls laughing is a major turn on for me?dsc00188-large.JPG

Anyway, that’s besides the point. So what’s up with converting the bottom half of the students centre into a faculty and staff lunch room? Segregating the dining area I say? And the purpose of this ‘discriminatory’ act may I ask?

Okay… now I’m not being harsh over here with the term I have used – discriminatory. I honestly do find it quite alienating. Do we students eat our food in a manner distinct from the faculty and staff? Are we any less human than them? They had been dining amidst us ever since so why the sudden change of attitude? What… we make too much noise??? Oh puh-lease! As if you all eat your food silently…! So what is it you talk about – who’s getting a 4.0 GPA, who MUST get a 4.0, and who’s the best at the art of seducing ………. oh I meant being polite!

Alright… fine… that’s obviously quite a lot to be discussed and that too not in front of the students… so there you go… ‘I grant you a private dining area’. But ……………….. what is up with the blinds??? Itni zyada privacy… hawe haye!!! I mean….. how different is your mode of eating that you do not even wish to be seen while dining…? Not even the library lovebirds on the upper floor get that much of it! So why the extra expense on making the ‘segregation’ more obvious and unpleasant?

I mean… I feel that there’s a lot more that can be catered to instead of an exclusive dining area… like for instance … how about improving on-campus security so that whatever happened with Sumiya Durrani doesn’t happen with anyone else again…! By the way… what’s this i hear… Hiras’ cellphone had been stolen again…? For the third time…? Oh well………. have a nice lunch…!

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  1. On the post: same comments as Aasim and Abid Omer. deep concern to eliminate discrimination!

    Hira! please take care of your things. You know what its strange i always used to hold my bag and things what ever the load might be everywhere just in a fear something might get stolen.

    As far as putting bags and things outside library is concerned put your bag in a locker instead.

  2. nooooooooo… she shouldn’t put her bag in a locker… she should take it inside the library…..
    btw… RED ALERT… cafeteria food causing too much sickness and jaundice… beware…
    … hmm i wonder… what do ‘they’ get……..?

  3. “Have I ever told you that the sound of girls laughing is a major turn on for me?”

    ….what kind of “Tharki’ism” is this?

  4. @ lol…
    :D… i don’t see anything wrong with that….. maybe thats why… girls have been forbidden from speaking and laughing so loudly…..
    hmmm… i wonder what turns you on…?

  5. @ arsalan

    i was just kidding arsalan.
    waisey, mujhe bhi larkyon ki hansney ki aawaz bohat achi lagti hai…. if they do it unintentially 🙂

  6. @ Lol… i know your were kidding……….
    …. and agar intentionally bhi hanse…. i think its equally turning on…….. :d

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