Siege of the Kingdom of far, far away

Apmso (Medium).jpg We can all sense it, hear it, heck, even smell it in the air! Smoky wisps of rebellion slowly rising from the apparently bubbling hot insides of the Kingdom of far, far away, called TIP.

Can’t you see the signs? They are all around us. First, the 2006 freshmen ragging videos that were banned along with the ragging itself, get leaked out and made available to all and sundry from the TIP’s computer lab. They have made their way on to the internet, one hears from gossipping voices in the corridors and whispers from behind the library cubicles. This is just one of the many examples.

Students who would shush others who complained of mismanagement, and bad, student-unfriendly policy galore, seem to have changed their minds as well. They can now be seen voicing their opinions/complains out real loud.

What exactly is happening, one wonders…and wonders some more! Could it be frustration and a mixture of disturbed emotions that had been building inside students’ minds since long, and is finally coming out in form of unintentional, but inevitable mutiny, or is it something intentional that will lead to a positive or negative revolution? That only time will tell.

2 Replies to “Siege of the Kingdom of far, far away”

  1. There’s a Rain Coming, and it’s not gonna stop till it washes all the scum in the halls of this Institute!
    I promise you that!
    How cool was that Travis Bickle Impression!? [:D]

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