Set it in stone


Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday
Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday

Dear Mairaj,

You know, we were suppose to get together on that picnic I was planning, by the beach. It would have just been like old time, in the hostel when I was in TIP. Looks like we’ll just have to meet in the sweet here after.


Ali Hakeem


This is my message to Mairaj, please set it in stone and get it published in the upcoming magazine, I’m hoping the faculty will have something to say as well. Leave your messages in the comments below. Please do not exceed the word count by 50.

Thank you

12 Replies to “Set it in stone”

  1. Today when i stepped onto da grounds of TIP, da only thing on my mind was dat Mairaj will jump from a corner and is gonna surprise us all. Da way he made us laugh was sumthin i will never forget, he was always dere to help us regarding anythin.
    May his soul rest in peace, AMEEN.

  2. Dear Mairaj, thankyou for being such a wonderful friend, i will miss ur talks, ur fun, ur smiling, ur dancing, ur mimicing and everything we did together… its going to be difficult without having u arround for us..u know i still hav ur funky jewellery with me…n m glad i never returned it bak to u :)..will cherish ur friendship forver..


  3. God blessed my lil bro Miraj with the ability to make ppl smile around him…and even today wen he is no more wit us…ppl still smile wen he is remembered….and thts a property of ANGEL.

    May his soul rest in PEACE…and all REHMAT`s on him…u`ll be missed bro

  4. da sad news abt ur death is still like a nightmare ..U will always be remembered maju !!! may Allah rest ur soul in peace…ameen

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