Sidrah Nadeem: All Tied Up

TIP alumni and women entrepreneur featured was featured in Express Tribune for her tie boutique “All Tied Up”.

“It is extremely hard to create these ties because they are not mass manufactured. Each yard of hand woven cloth takes about three to six days to make,” says Nadeem. What is interesting about All Tied Up is not its innovative designing or world class fabric. Instead, it is the services the company offers. It is a one of its kind novelty store in Pakistan that not only offers hand woven ties but also offers custom made ties to bridal clientele. “If someone has ordered a Bunto outfit, I tell the couple to get me a sample of the colour and material used as soon as possible, and then I create a matching tie that complements it,” says Nadeem

Read the full story at Express Tribune: Sidrah Nadeem: All Tied Up

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  1. Go Sidra baji! 😀

    @sarim…u say wow like u plan on getting one of her ties to match your bride’s jora 😉

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