Textiles inspired by nature, by science and by colour-changing dyestuff

A designer who engineers fashion from daydreams, has come up with textiles inspired by nature (biomimetic structure), by science (Fibonacci number pattern knitting), and one with a clever application of dyestuff that changes colour dependent on temperature.

Have TIP design students done something similar?

2 Replies to “Textiles inspired by nature, by science and by colour-changing dyestuff”

  1. Wow 🙂 this is amazing!!! I wish to see some TIP student do something of this sort soon 🙂 abid bhai, this year my friend Zahabiya did her thesis on bio-luminescence, inspired by the glow in the dark sea creatures and she used glow in the dark pigments, it was an amazing piece of work and was of the first ever special thesis I have ever come across in the history of TIP, although glow in the dark pigments have quite been around the global stage, but she pulled it out beautifully, do check on the TIP page on fb 🙂

  2. I think one TIP student, Komal Awan was trying to work with thermochromic inks but the dyes were expensive and she wasn’t able to get samples to Pakistan.

    It’s sad when our students have great ideas and are unable to execute them because of such hurdles.

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