So you’re a freshman, huh?

It’s Quack! tradition, though we’re a little late this time. Every year we post a short article to welcome all the small, scared looking first years we see roaming around the campus trying to hide from their seniors. But since ragging has been officially banned (again) I guess we can hope that you all won’t be in hiding anymore. Come out, come out wherever you are!

So it’s been a week since you joined TIP. You’ve probably found your way around campus, unless you’re like me and still can’t tell where the classrooms are situated. You might have even tried making friends with a few seniors, and if you’re a nice looking girl I’m sure a few seniors might have tried making friends with you. There’s also a huge chance you’re already bankrupt…ragging is banned, extortion isn’t. But don’t worry, the following weeks are a lot more stable and you’ll be able to figure out who you want to know and who you don’t. You’ll build friendships, break them; get straight A’s, fail miserably, become popular or become a pariah. First year can make or break you…

I’m kidding; it’s not such a big deal.

Just remember, these days won’t come again. Enjoy your first year here. Be as crazy, spontaneous and carefree as you can be because Heaven knows you won’t have time for it afterwards. And remember that Quack! is your forum. This is your
Hyde Park and your Speakeasy. So anything you wish to say, to the student body, the faculty or the administration, say it here. Here you can Quack! to your heart’s content!

And once again, have a great year!

PS: for a few survival tips, refer to Oi-freshmen

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  1. Wooo i believe it was a cool article,very well expressed hira . anyway i do agree with her,i dont know if any one from the first year do check out the reply or not but, if some one does its a request to him or her do convey my message to every friends of yours.

    tip is an awesome place, all of you first years have taken a right decision of coming to tip. so please don’t get despondent to see some malicious people who are in seek of freshman’s so that they could ragged them though, ragging is band but, still some of them are desperate to violate the rules therefore, dear friend in such scenario please don’t get dismal,and no need to have some displeasing thoughts such as i am in a wrong place or i should have gone to some other university when i got the chance and if you have already then in that case i would say no none of you have made a wrong decision since,tip is the best place for textile and apart from that you people are coming so far from your house not to get desolate obviously, there must be some thing about tip that brought here right. as far as some malla people are concern, do learn how to avoid stick with your group in this way you wont feel alone plus,no buddy will be able to harm you any way. not all of them are malla some of them are pretty decent and sedate so its completely up to you to recognize who is insolent and who is polite and yes the ragging part is just for few days. the following weeks will prove to be very enjoying but, do keep one thing in mind do be an ardent student in terms of your studies so that, you all could survive in addition, do give your senior’s a chance to know you just because of some corrupted don’t consider every one the same ya and do take risk to know them have fun. the ball is in your court since, ragging is band now said by the great big b therefore, keep smiling dont get morose and do keep on sending or posting article in quack online cause this is the only way for all students to express them selves with liberty and yes as hira said these are the cherish days when you all discover how cavorting life is after this moment i believe there will be no other moment when you could have as fun as you will have in tip being as firs year’s.

    the main reason for replying on this article was not to point out on any one so please, dont take me a matter of fact, the motivative factor of replying was just to build up the first years confidence back on their decision and to motivate them to strive in order to compete their goals which is to stay in tip for the rest of the remaining three years.

  2. First of all we have to make sure that all first years read this..they should know about Quack!
    anywayz a nice article to guide freshies!

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