Some Red for the Valintines Day!

The child sat there, his body covered in bruises, his left leg broken. However, his eyes focused on the cold body lying next to him. His blood-covered hand moved towards the soft, ardent face. His eyes searched for the warmth radiating from the face he knew so well. However, the eyes remained shut; the body numb. The child was a child no more. He had witnessed death: the death of his mother.
Happy Valintines Day!
Some Red for the valintines day!
This story is a story of just one of those millions who lose their loved ones everyday. Of those who are left to face the harsh realities of life. Of those who cry for help, their cries fading away unanswered. And do you know why their bitter cries remaim unanswered? It is because we flip through the T.V channels. We stop when we hear of a bomb blast. A wave of ocean and grief hits us.We shake our heads at the cruelty and the injustice, at the fate of the victoms. And then? and then we change the channel. And then we erase the picture from our memories. And it is then that their cries remain unanswered.
Happy Valintines Day!
Ignorant and arrogant we are! We worry for our night out with friends. And some out there worry for the answers they will give to the questions raised by their starving children when they return home empty-handed.
We are anxious about buying the perfect gift for our valentine. And the ones in Afghanistan are anxious about living through one whole day unscathed.
We cry when we loose our precious belongings. And a mother in Iraq cries when her son does not come back home walking, rather is broght back home in a coffin.

We celebrate valentines day! why not celebrate an Iraq day? an Afghanistan day? chechnia, bosnia, swat or waziristan day? Why do we not realize that we are betraying our brothers and sisters who are paying the price of being muslims, paying the price of having a strong faith perhaps. Or paying the price of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. If love is such an important part of our lives that we celebrate valentines day, then why not show our affection and love for our borthers and sisters, the ones who truly deserve a shoulder to cry on at such a difficult stage of their lives. Why not show our love to an orphan by buying him some clothes? why not work towards bringing a smile to the faces who have forgotten how to smile?

For a second, remove the blinds of ignorance from your eyes and look around you!
What you see is fear! A child cannot roam the street of his own town without fear of being caught, kidnapped or hurt.
What you see is injustice! A girl pays the price of being a woman, and we remain silent.
What you see is hatred! Nations wage war against each other. While one kills in the name of God, the other kills to fight terrorism.
What you hear is the sound of the bomb!
What what you feel is the coming of death!

Happy Valintines Day!

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  1. “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:85]

  2. dis is jus so true and and sad!!! its true we so easily get indulged in our lives dat we close our eyes and dont see da harsh realities of other ppls’ lives!!!!

  3. ur rite…… its high tym dat we realize that we need to stand up , for our end seems to be similiar to those who are suffering today. US bombed afghanistan, n we remained silent, becuz we were safe n sound,. and then swat, and we still remained silent, because, we were living in the other province, safe n sound…..

  4. Truly said, how can we express our love when our compatriots are killed while collecting bread and butter on their way back. Try to feel pain suffered by their relatives.
    Reality awareness: on an average 28 our landsmen are martyred daily. So if we are so loving we should show are love to those who have actually lost their loved ones for no reasons.

  5. Sarim my boy …. HATS OFF TO YOU …. tusi chah gaye ho tha ker k … excellent article in the history of quack …. keep it up

  6. True…!
    this is a real reflection of the present conditions of the Muslim Ummah and also of our mentality as a nation. Things happen and we pass by just expressing a bit grief and forget it. but in doing, so called valintines celebrations, we stand up and work as a unit, utilizing full creativity, ideas and money, as if we wod be questioned about it at the day of judgment…
    deep regrets…!!!

  7. So true, we do live like ignorants. We say that our minds are being controlled so extensively that it feels impossible to break away from the illusion that’s been weaved around us, but the question is, why do we always blame some forces being in control of our lives? why can’t WE for a change stop blaming others and get up and do some darn good for others ! why don’t WE forget the word WE for a while and think about others !

    Very well written sarim *applause*

  8. Truly said, how can we express our love when our compatriots are killed while collecting bread and butter on their way back. Try to feel pain suffered by their relatives.
    Reality awareness: on an average 28 of our landsmen are martyred daily. So if we are so loving we should show are love to those who have actually lost their loved ones for no reasons…

  9. great article sarim…….very thought provoking!

    the thing is we are not ignorant, we all are well awared about each and everything happening around, the thing is we have become least bothered about these cruelties coz we are so indulged in our own pleasurable lives dat we dont wana do anything abt it…….we hav become inhumane!!!

  10. No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.

    John Donne, Meditation XVII
    English clergyman & poet (1572 – 1631)

  11. Consider Valentine’s Day, a day that after dying out a well deserved death in most of Europe (but surviving in Britain and United States) has suddenly started to emerge across a good swath of Muslim countries. Who was Valentine? Why is this day observed? Legends abound, as they do in all such cases, but this much is clear: Valentine’s Day began as a pagan ritual started by Romans in the 4th century BCE to honor the god Lupercus. The main attraction of this ritual was a lottery held to distribute young women to young men for “entertainment and pleasure”–until the next year’s lottery. Among other equally despicable practices associated with this day was the lashing of young women by two young men, clad only in a bit of goatskin and wielding goatskin thongs, who had been smeared with blood of sacrificial goats and dogs. A lash of the “sacred” thongs by these “holy men” was believed to make them better able to bear children.
    Christianity tried to stop the evil celebration of Lupercalia. Its only success was in changing the name from Lupercalia to St. Valentine’s Day.

  12. There are no easy answers, or at least one’s that you wanted to hear. There is no single, solitary, wholesome answer that will please everyone.

    Please die, we accept that, we move on, we do it so we can continue thinking about that nice new pair of nikes that we wanted, and are waiting for it to go on sale. You’d be annoyed when you hear that a bomb blast had closed down the shops; poor you. That means that you’ll just have to sit at home and chill, listen to some music on your ipod or watch what Jack Baur is doing to rid America of “Islamic” Terrorists.

    We do it because it’s ok, because we are apathetic and because we can.

    Change is constant, nothing remains the same, better or worse, It will come.

  13. WoW…TIP just celebrated the valentines day yesterday…the organizers how ever, considering the instability in the country, changed the events name to a “FUN FESTIVAL”…

    who need answers now!

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