Some remedies for the new rules

Rule: Did you know the new TIP student’s handbook says that you cannot use your iron in your hostel room without prior written permission from the warden?
Workaround: Make a point of asking everytime you see the warden. Even if you are not going to use it, just ask, just in case you do use it. Send an email to him, and CC it to a few of the faculty members too. Send an email every day, ask all the time, ask the guards to ask him. Ask him in writing, ask him over the phone, ask him now and always, for you never know, when you need to iron.

Rule: You are forbidden to chew (gum) in the computer lab.

Workaround: About the chewing gum, stick it on the door on your way in. or ask the lab guy to hang on it for you. Ask them to chew on it periodically, to keep it moist.

Rule: You cannot move any piece of furniture or hardware from its initial position from the computer lab.

Workaround: If you slightly nudge a chair in the computer lab, then go apologize to the computer lab guy and go around and make an appointment with the president’s secratary to apologize formaly to the president and just in case, apologize to Ms. Rukshanda as well. And if you move the mouse, may God be on your side.

Rule: You cannot sit anywhere on the floor in the library (or you get fined Rs.500).

Workaround: Carry a thick wad of 500 rupee notes, thats the only solution there!

Photography by Aasim Ahmed, TS 2007

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  1. There’s an old Jewish saying,
    “Be the Giver Never the Givee…”

    Or maybe I just made that up! But then again
    “What do I know?” 😛

  2. Why is it necessary to sit on the floor?…i mean you have got proper furniture then why you are sitting on the floor.

    i completely agree with the new student’s handbook..this is perhaps the only way to deal with non-decent TIP public, you need that “Public School” rules to control the students.

  3. Because in most universities around the world, it’s the purpose that they focus on more. You must understand that our library doesn’t have lots of furniture to sit on. The joint discussion room is worth less than a third-world country auction house when it comes to peace and quiet, and you are NOT allowed to take the newspaper upstairs(as per the proper library rules), and sitting in groups is highly discouraged there.

    And if all these reasons are not enough, some of us are just not comfortable on the library’s torturous, backbone killing furniture, hence we should be allowed to sit on the carpet in the discussion room or upstairs.

  4. one thing i couldnt understand which i m curious to know if somebuddy is willing to elucidate. wht does exactly this picture has to do with this article.

  5. Like Furhan said,Rameez, there really isn’t much furniture in the library. The sofas are always occupied by sleeping people, the chairs are usually taken up by group-studiers, and the cubicles upstairs are highly inconvenient if you want to keep changing books. I don’t go to the library to talk or sleep like almost everybody else, and i really like sitting in front of the English literature shelf so that i can sift through all the books i want to read. Sitting on the floor is allowed in most international University libraries; i mean, why shouldn’t it be? it’s not hurting anyone. Neither is having an iron in one’s room a potentially dangerous act. Rather it’s useful to other hostel residents because it allows them an alternative to the daily morning ironing-stand line. A university ISN’T a private school where you can force a multitude of rules on your students in the name of ‘discipline’. Because most of the time those rules don’t make much sense. These rules won’t improve the ‘non-decent’ public of TIP; it’ll just make us more rebellious.

  6. i agree with furhan and hira and i think we should start taking actions against it or do whatever we can in our powers to help the system evolve into letting the students be more productive.

  7. Dear Students,

    The students’ handbook is introduced to make the rules and regulations of TIP black and white. It is a sincere effort towards promoting discipline and respect amongst the student body and there is absolute no intention of creating any sort of inconvenience to students.

    I take this opportunity to request the students to give positive feedback and suggestions to improve it, rather than spending their energies to work around the rules 🙂

    This handbook is in no way complete or perfect, but is merely the first step. I strongly believe that it is better to have written rules (even if they are not perfect) instead of leaving ambiguities and subjectivity from case to case.

    The handbook is going to be an ever evolving document and I would welcome healthy critisisim and suggestions being forwraded to me on for further improvements.

    All the best and good luck for the first hourly!

    Umair Saeed
    Academic Coordinator

  8. Library is a place of rules and cannot do what you like or find yourself comfortable in…now:

    1) You dont have a comfortable furniture..thats not a good excuse, you come to library to sit on a comfortable sofa or you come for study?.The sole purpose of library is study and only study.

    2)As far the sofas are concerned which are pre-occupied by sleeping people and that discussion room which are always filled by students in groups…that is the reponsiblity of the librarian and mind you..thats why the students handbook is made to ensure that no student will be found sleeping on the sofa or playing cards in the discussion room.

    You are complaining that there isn’t enough space in the library…that too doesnt make sense…i always found a place whenever i have went into the library…and if in worst case there is no place for you..who permits you to sit on the floor, i means this is the library not your personal room, you can complain to the administration for tha lack of space but start sitting on the library place is ridiculous.

    I know that a university isn’t a private school but it doesn’t mean that you start considering your library a living room!

  9. I completely agree with you rameez. you are right if a person doesn’t find a place to sit in the library then he should complain to the Liberian about this. after all why she is there for right,plus our library is so huge that there is room for every one and even if there isn’t then in that case the upper floor is always empty for people who are interested in studying rather than talking and looking around.

    sitting on the floor is addtion it doesn’t suit educated people to resort to a source of action which is going against the govern rules.

  10. Sitting on the floor is allowed in most libraries of the West, because the purpose of the library is, like you said, to study. and to be honest Rameez a lot of us find it impossible to study without being comfortable. I know you might consider it rude or unseemly, but a library has always been a place where people go to read, to gain knowledge, to study in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We’re not asking to be allowed to eat, or sleep (which i consider improper and disgusting) or play ping pong in the place. We’re asking to be comfortable while we read.

    A library IS a sort of personal room. It’s a sacred, beautiful place where if you’re not completely snug and relaxed you can never truly enjoy it. Sitting on hard wooden chairs, or on the second floor where the nearest bookshelf involves going down a flight of stairs doesn’t make a good library-experience. Every library I have ever been to, whether it be in Pakistan, or abroad, has no rules against sitting on the floor.

    It’s great to follow rules and regulations, but if we think something is wrong, we do have a right to speak out. We’re not being rebellious, just getting a point of view across. The only rules that have been commented on are the truly ridiculous ones…The handbook, as you may have noticed, is atleast 30 pages long and this article, by normal Quack standards, is pretty short.

  11. This article sheds light on very few of the many contradicting points mentioned in the students’ handbook and I’m not going to give my arguments for or against them. What I will say is that the book is merely a listing of the rules and regulations that have already existed either subconsciously or produced and exercised by any and everyone as and when required.

    As Mr. Umair mentioned, the handbook is an ever evolving document and the listed points are open to discussion and changes. The students can thus take adequate measures to change the content in the handbook which gives them the benefit of having things listed so that their rights are protected.

    I feel that the document is an excellent step towards streamlining things on campus and if you look at it, it is actually preserving students’ rights and preventing them from being bullied rather than suppressing them by ensuring that the students are not bossed around by people who like to make arbitrary rules and enforce then however they please.

  12. i agree with you. the student handbook is a great idea,and most of the rules make a lot of sense. But then again, a few (such as the library and ironing ones) are a bit unnecessary. It is MY honest opinion (not enforced on anyone else, mind you) that they be modified, with the permission of Mr. Umair Saeed if possible.

  13. Hira it is fine that you find it comfortable to shift books by sitting on the floor but not all students sits on the floor to find books. infact most of them sleep on the floor in the discussion room..

    We are not talking about one or a indivudual person rather we are talking about the majority of students…majority dont sit for study purposes..

    Or if it is allowed than it should only be in limits of searching the books…reading the book or doing discussion on the floor is inappropriate!

    Note: this library rule is made by considering the majority.

  14. umm…I think it’d be easier to spot and fine students sleeping both on the floor or chairs, and differentiate between them and the ones studying quite easily.

  15. Great to see a discussion going here. It’s about time we finally get a student handbook, and hopefully this discussion (and others offline) would result in making the student handbook better.

    If you are particularly upset about certain rules in the handbook, don’t sit idle on the library floor. Make sure your reasoning gets to the people in charge of the handbook.

  16. You cannot just make the two separate rules..i mean rule is always one…sit on the floor or not..thats it…if librarian start identifying who is sitting for study and who is not…his job will be a hell one…you have to standardized the rules and regulations in order to make sure that the rules will be obeyed.

  17. is university life is only for studies??? even if students play cards there, or do other healthy activities in air-condioned area ( fingers crossed) so wat wrong with that?are they hurting someone? in anyway? if anyone has to study he can do up-stairs, so far i hardly saw few students who come to liberary for so called STUDIES like rameez himself.
    and abt comapring with other universities, they do have proper student activities area, do we have? the one newly made in former apparel lab? or an hounted house? its so hot to be there for little long.
    and if u r talking abt furniture, can anyone dare to sit on those wooden chairs for more than an hour? n university liberaries are to facilutate students in way they feel comfortable, i accept its bad to play cards there but why ban on sitting on the floor? most of us do feel comfortable to study by sitting on floor, and moreso when discussion room is not empty, n if we had to have group study, where we suppose to do? as up-stairs can anyone do combine easily? n even if only 2 students suppose to teach other any thing, they can’t.why it’s RULE :).i don’t thing there dB level be so high to disturb even there neighbouring one!! or might be they banned us from sitting on floor because they do care abt our health, n want to prevent us from might be contegious lib floor? 😛
    n u r talking abt newspaper, we can’t take months old magazines issued.
    i think we should have word around all the tip rules, … as rule are to be broken, or be broked!

  18. I am not throwing decission on anyone…it is your opinion…ok no should approach academic co-ordinator for this…as far as Asad your student activity area is concerned…what about cafetaria?..what about the beautiful garden?..what about the shadowy place behind cafe?…n what it is necessary to do group study in an airconditioned environment..i mean have ever seen the world other than TIP, even they dont have spacious libraries…you should feel happy that atleast you have a proper library…

    rest of the things i have always mentioned…

    our wants are unlimited..first we should know that we are living in a third world country and are enjoying benefits which are upto the international standards..the thing is we have to look at what we have rather than just pinpointing on a little thing like SITTING ON THE LIBRARY FLOOR IS NOT ALLOWED.!

  19. I distinctly remember when my class desperately needed to get together before the wet processing paper to clear certain doubts and go through the syllabus all over again and could not find empty space for group discussion except the floor upstairs.

    We must understand that while scorching sunlight at noon might be blissful for the grass in our ‘beautiful’ garden, it’s not exactly very welcoming for homo sapiens. And besides that, the lawn needs constant watering(which happens all the time, every day) to remain beautiful. So a heavily watered lawn, paper and clean clothes don’t exactly go together very well either.

    The shadowy place behind the cafeteria is an official smokers area. Please understand that there is a reason why smoking is confined to certain areas of the campus, and many of us avoid going there. Besides girls refuse to go there, ask them why.

    The cafeteria is a place to eat. During most of the year, it serves as a greasy, noisy and crowded place where people eat, and you really cant tell them to shut up if they drown the peace that one requires to study.

    Any other bright ideas?

  20. Again Furhan, you are mentioning some special cases. Not every time lawn is wet(atleast the back lawn area). Whenever our class needed a space for group dicscussion, we get it, infact we took the group discussion room several times and if your class got a peaceful upstairs so whats wrong with that..thats good, you find the place.

    As far your cafe and smokers area point is concerned, I agree on that but what I was saying that we should consider that TIP is too big and there are many places other then library to study in a cool environment.

    It is too easy to find negativity even in this beautiful campus and to say that “we have this problem and this” but the fact is sitting on the library floor still dosen’t make sense.

    I think you should some other people for this, I am sure that most people with agree on that.

  21. hey how about we hire some sweepers in order to clean the floor of library every day in this way no buddy will sit on the floor just like no one sits on grass since, it is being watered constantly everyday.

  22. you mean like the orange jacketed jhaarhoo walay on roads…..?
    oh oh oh… here’s an even better one…. lets stick nails in the carpet!

  23. How about small electrodes going through the library floor and when ever some one is found sitting on the floor an electric shock is administered.

    Seig Heil!

  24. Ok ok, it seems some people have really serious problems with the library and a lack of that oh-so-necessary stack of 500 rupee notes. Here’s the final remedy: Don’t go there, its a geek hang out anyway.

    You aren’t a geek, are you?

  25. . Read Aasim’s sarcasm with much amusement, and I wonder if these unbelievably stringent rules have really made their way into TIP. We used to brag that it was the most “democratic” of all institutions. The chewing gum solution was the most fantastic one I ever came across 🙂 especially the one to keep it moist. LOLZ. Ganda bacha, Aasim, tumhein kya ho gaya hay ! Aisay to nahi thay ! Sub hee bigar jatay hein us kay baad !

    Besides, I also wondered what Liz Taylor (oh, I mean Rak) has to do in the computer lab. She did used to do discipline around, but I didn’t know her “juris” and “diction” has now engulfed the computer lab too.

    Sitting on a wad of bills is brilliant too. Haply, they might start hatching into baby-bills and grow one into a millionare, who knows!

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